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  1. I swapped in a Sweet column w flat steering wheel and adjustable mount. It will fit anyone.
  2. clarkspeed

    SCCA ITS built L engines?

    Yes, devil in the details. Basically doing everything the rules allow and everything you would read in a balance and blueprint book. Every clearance checked and rechecked. Every tolerance maximized and duplicated. A lot of other SCCA classes and pro-racing follow the same recipe. And the best dyno proven parts that are open like exhaust. It is hard to get there building yourself but >200 at the crank is very possible on a 2.8, but don't underestimate running a 2.4. Higher rev limit with lighter weight is as fast and sometimes faster. I just refreshened a 2.4 ITS engine of unknown origin. Nothing special there. I did see a few things that looked "different" but provided no advantage. Not too many Z's running ITS now that the price has escalated.
  3. Geometrically, I don't have a clue how to make that work. My suspension software does cover it, but it would take some thinking to understand what the trade offs are. I guess BMW uses some version of that Probably not that hard to implement. Officially it is called a "virtual A-arm". The "virtual pivot point" is the imaginary point where an extended T/C rod and control arm would intersect. Looks like you design for this to be close to the center of wheel to eliminate the scrub.
  4. Looking good. I will be very interested to see how your weight comes out. The shell I started with looked much like yours now. It was missing firewall, all the floor tubing, work around the transmission tunnel, and no windshield. But had a full cage and front tubing similar to yours. It weighed in at 500lbs. I really really want mine to come in < 2k.
  5. clarkspeed

    Preparing to Paint - Any Advice?

    Well to answer the simple question, I recommend sourcing materials from your local auto paint supplier. They typically have a range of products depending on your budget, have plenty of advice, and might even be cheaper depending on the quality you desire. Plus you can run out and pick up another can when you need it. A small book can be written for each of the 6 topics above but it is possible to teach yourself. Just don't underestimate the time it takes to learn a skill and then apply it to a whole car. I think I spent close to 250 hours on the first car I painted. Painting is the easy part. You can spend 2 years prepping and 4 hours painting. Most shops will paint really cheap if you do all the prep and supply materials. Without going into too much depth, I would say don't strip unless you need to and you feel the foundation is not stable enough. I paint my race cars white with $40/gal industrial paint and they look great. But I wouldn't say white is easier than any other color to spray.
  6. clarkspeed

    Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I like your approach. Very interesting selection of parts. I also looked at using the Mustang stuff, but never got around to test fitting parts.
  7. Yes, and I will keep it secure with those same ty-wraps. I used the real thick ones.
  8. Nissan was celebrated at the Mitty a couple weeks ago. There were some very cool cars there both on and off track. This is a video I made with photos and in car footage. Enjoy.
  9. clarkspeed

    240Z Wide Wheels

    Did you happen to weigh them before mounting?
  10. Man that looks a lot like my current project.
  11. Big Jim @ Dover Cylinder in Orlando does all our work. Best in central FL. He has a very good eye for detail that you need. Don't know what machine he uses. 407_481_0088. Tell him you know me.
  12. clarkspeed

    Where to get exhaust valves for mild race engine?

    Note on SI valves. My head builder always has to straighten them before install. If you do that, they work fine. Ferrara and Manley were custom last time I checked.
  13. clarkspeed

    Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Just don't do another BRE tribute.
  14. clarkspeed

    Stock cam high CR.

    I agree with above. At 10:5 the stock N42/N47 is on the hairy edge of 93 pump gas no matter what cam you choose. Unless you can get 100 octane for free, not worth it. Otherwise leave it stock and just work on freeing up intake and exhaust.