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  1. Exposed's 1jz Build

    I was just checking out the Radium catch cans on their site. http://www.radiumauto.com/Webpage.aspx?WebpageId=15&PostID=102
  2. Random new S30 parts for sale

    Sorry JSM, Ritrebor was on this one from the get go. Clutch packs sold...
  3. Nicely done and shows me what I still have ahead of me to finish with the stitch welding. Here is how my roll bar base was constructed by my go to fab guy.
  4. Random new S30 parts for sale

    Just added a couple of parts and reduced the prices on a few..... Added: Lower alternator bracket powder coated glossy black = $20 New Clutch packs (6), made of spring steel for Nissan R200 LSD 3.7 = $40
  5. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Damn Jim, I hate to hear this and would never have thought that company would drop the ball on so many levels. It worries me as I was strongly considering using their services for custom axle lengths for a Ford 8.8 irs swap. I actually have a set of custom 280zx turbo cv axles that I bought off of another member years ago. According to him they were supposed to be rated to 900hp capable. I have not used them as the build project is at a snails pace and I am now committed to the Ford 8.8 irs swap. I certainly hope you have no problems with a full refund.
  6. All remaining parts have been sold. Admins, please close this thread.....
  7. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    You must be referring to me as I am 100% interested in seeing this come to fruition.
  8. I just sold the R154 transmission and Spec clutch along with the hydraulic push/pull throw out bearing and Tech 2 modified shift arm and housing. I still have the new Tech 2 aluminum driveshaft for sale = $100 Brand new Toyota 1/2JZGTE bellhousing to mate to a R154 trans, bought for $345 sell for $200
  9. Top of Page button on site?

    That seems to be the fix for perusing on a computer. Not an option though for mobile mode on a phone.
  10. Random new S30 parts for sale

    You just jogged my memory as it has been so long ago that I bought the rebuilt L28et set up from the previous owner and come to think of it he was using a Z31 turbo which I still have in horrible shape. I ended up buying 240Hokes old ex manifold, Turbonetics 60-1 turbo and down pipe so was not planning on using the stocker. Here is the Z31 turbo that came with that engine, but not sure the exact year of it however....
  11. Random new S30 parts for sale

    I just found a mislabeled box containing some left over parts that I will not be using. All parts are new and unused (with the exception of the stock down pipe). Located in Eastern San Diego 91941. Buyer covers shipping and pp fee = 2.9%.... I have a BBK Power Plus 70mm throttle body that the previous owner used only bolted onto his engine for mock up purposes. I had it professionally painted semi gloss black. = SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a new set of MSA chrome vents for an S30 dash = SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a clean stock down pipe with heat shield = SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a rare set of Nissan Competition aluminum valve retainers for L series engines = SOLD SOLD SOLD New pair of unused Michelin Pilot Sport PS 2 in 265/40ZR/17 sizes. New, these Ultimate summer performance tires were $600. I had these mounted on my new Rota RBR 17x9.5" rear rims, but they never turned a mile on the pavement. I removed and stored them indoors and ended up selling the Rota's to replace with forged Volk TE37 V in a 17x10" , five lug pattern. I am going with a wider 275" - 295" tire, hence the sale. Selling for = $275 I have a new, unused T3/T4 flange for a downpipe = $20 SHIPPED Lower alternator bracket powder coated glossy black = $20 New Clutch packs (6), made of spring steel for Nissan R200 LSD 3.7 = SOLD SOLD SOLD Happy Holidays HybridZ Family !!!
  12. I love what your cooking up there NV with this build. I was wondering how others go with such wide tires on the front. I want to run 255 fronts on my set up but will most likely run 245's with camber plates, coilovers and adj control arms. Nice work!!!
  13. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I'm curious as well, enquiring Minds need to know
  14. Citroen SM

    Toyota Chinook's pop up for sale from time to time on the local San Diego or Los Angeles Craigslist adds. I have seen a few in the past 1.5 years....