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    Welcome back OverkillZ. Looking forward to the next version of that beast.
  2. AZC Rear Brake bracket - front 280z rotor centers

    I have a Tim O design mount similar to the Woza design which uses a Wilwood spot caliper for the e brake and the commonly used Wilwood four piston forged Dynalite caliper 120-6806 or 120-686 for the rear. It is new, unused and has been anodized red.
  3. Post your favorite racing/driving vids!

    Another car I am pretty much lusting over but most likely will never come across in person, at least not here in the states. Too many interesting cars and videos here to let this thread stay too dormant.
  4. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Spits, I'm really sad to hear your giving up on the Z because of the time frame. Personally I am going on 11 years of not driving the car. I have been slowly building my dream Z and have been down on it many times, but time goes by and funds recuperate then progress happens. Funny enough, I just bought a 350Z mount from Austin the beginning of this week and I also sent him a link to this thread just trying to see if it would spark some interest with him. I wasn't sure if you were going to see this all the way through and my body/paint guy won't do anymore work until I have the rear end components on the car. I might have my local fabrication guy interested in this as another possibility. He is very qualified, (worked on many 510 builds for Les Cannady and Adam Corrola) and very punctual and efficient. Thank you for what you have taken on, enhanced upon and done in general as your time, effort and communication sharing with us all is very much appreciated. I really hope you reconsider keeping the car, but I understand if timing just isn't right for now.
  5. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    I'm still extremely interested in this kit also!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Here's how my 4 pt roll bar was constructed.
  7. Ford Super 8.8 irs swap thread. Rear brakes too

    I'm keeping my eye on this to see how it progresses. I recently bought an '02 expedition 8.8 diff, but am liking the removal of stub axle part to the equation you present here. Subscribed to this thread...
  8. Nelsonian 240z

    Went up to visit the car today and pay off some of the bill and generally view the progress. The engine bay is almost complete, just need to remove and back fill the rivnut holes that were intended for the battery tray that will no longer be used. Prior to this round of work, I had Tho weld in rivnuts to make the cleaned up battery tray removable, but after committing to the fuel cell I will mount the battery in the back as well. A few of the factory spot welded areas will be beefed up with new spot welds beside them also. Opened up the Ford 8.8 irs diff to find a watery mix in with the synthetic fluid which has a grit like, dirt texture inside. Starting to wonder if this diff was involved in a flooding. Not quite jiving with the sellers story ,but I was in need of a housing anyway and it is very externally clean. None of the gears are damaged in any way thankfully. I will be cleaning this out this week and getting new bearings and gasket. That's about it for this past week, but stitch welding will continue starting in the cabin.
  9. boosted300's RB 240Z

    I'm loving them both!!!
  10. Nelsonian 240z

    But it adds + 5HP, I read it on the internet so it must be true!!!
  11. Nelsonian 240z

    Yes, every seam will be touched. Going to make it as strong as I can, minus full cage. Squeaks Be Damned!!!
  12. Nelsonian 240z

    A few pics of the initial front end stitch weld progress from this past week. The Endura brand epoxy primer has been a real challenge to remove and prep for the stitch welding. I have been super stoked that it has lasted as long as it has since it was applied several years back, but it has slowed down the welding with pre prep. I am in the process of breaking down the diff to bring up to Anaheim and have it vapor blasted, but have been contemplating having it dry blasted then powder coated instead. Not quite sure which path to take just yet. More to come.
  13. What year 240sx trans

    Yes Sir that is it, well done. His write up helped me as I followed this with my S14 trans swap only to finish the machine work and sell the trans after buying a Z32 trans instead.
  14. What year 240sx trans

    Yes that's him, thank you for jogging my memory. Now if I could only remember the site he posted it to.
  15. What year 240sx trans

    There is a difference from an s13det and s14det coming off the Black top engine. The later s14 has dual cone synchros on (if memory serves me correctly) 2nd and reverse gears and I want to say they are slightly wider gears. There is a write up by a member here on another car forum, that for the life of me I can't remember the members screen name or the site he posted it on. It was very in depth with well documented photos and description. I want to say the member lives in Canada.