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  1. Are engine mounts bolted in or welded in with the sr20 swap? Nice looking car!
  2. RIP John Coffey (johnc)

    RIP John - thanks for the many convos and info shared. You will be missed. A stand up guy for sure!
  3. Does this sound normal?

    Nice another local Z guy. I am working on Montvale, NJ.
  4. 240z L28et Build

    pm me your info and if you are on Facebook there is a Z group local here in lower NYC area.
  5. 240z L28et Build

    Where in NY are you?
  6. Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    You drove behind me for 30 minutes! Lol
  7. Mike Kelly's Zcar Project

    Driving vid before the snow flies? We have been lucky so far with the warm weather. Nice job Mike.
  8. Looking for HS30-H

    Same here - Al sent you a message on FB to make sure it was ok.
  9. Looking for HS30-H

    pm sent.
  10. Can you look at it in person? Check for stress cracks inside and out.
  11. R200 billet diff cover

    You already know I am in for 2.
  12. Seattle Road Trip

    Find me a FLZ or clean 510, lol. Safe travels to you and the wife.
  13. WTB 240 260 280z LS 6 spd

    Hoover are you on Facebook? We have a few club member on the island. Hope to see you and that ls1 240z soon.
  14. Engine Blew at Road Atlanta

    Jon nice work, inline6 hope this helps put your mind at ease.
  15. WTB 240 260 280z LS 6 spd

    Almost tempted to build ya one for that cost this winter. Hmmmmm