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Petrolicious 912/240z video

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Not sure if this had been posted anywhere, but Petrolicious made a video which focus's on a Porsche 912.


However, at about 7:30, the video switches focus, and covers a particularly awesome 240z.


This is John Coffey's Peking to Paris 240z rally car. John's last car.


I thought some of you guys would like it, as in typical Petrolicious fashion, the video has very nice cinematography. 







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I was actually going to post this. Great video. I posted it on the DPAN facebook page, and it got deleted it seems... admins there clearly aren't "real" datsun guys haha

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DPAN... My only regret getting banned there was I missed the HKS SU Blow Through Surge Tank that was up for sale.


Whomever was selling lost money, I would have gone much higher!


I saw you on there and wondered why I hadn't seen many comments from you recently. I much prefer this site. More knowledgeable crowd, on top of having a legitimate search function more organization. Facebook is not the place for the sort of tech conversations we need to have.

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