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1JZ into a 280Z build. Really slow.

efr 9174 350z trans cd009 infinity 6 aem traction control drive by wire dbw

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#1 Geno750



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Posted 30 October 2016 - 09:16 PM

I've had a 280Z in my possession for years now, and I got what was essentially a free 1JZ after I sold the manual trans ecu and harness from it. I never intended to swap a 1JZ in a Datsun, but after holding onto both since around the date I joined the forums, I started collecting more parts over the years and decided it was time to start the swap process. 
The first major hurdle turned out to be my 75 280Z's body. While outside the car looked great for its age, under years of dirt and what turned out to be bondo, the Alabama/Florida weather wasn't kind to the car at all. Everything from the floorpans forward had rusted out, including the shock towers and frame rails. 
One quick trip from Colorado to the west coast later and I had a new to me 1977 280Z shell that had spent its life in Cali, and had very little rust. Even better was what rust the car did have wasn't rusted at all on my 1975 280Z. With their powers combined, I had a fairly rust free shell to work with.
Onto the motor, The parts collection started early, but has been revised a few times. I used to have a completely built up 180SX and some of the parts intended for it were originally slated for the 1JZ.
After a series of trades and deals, I ended up with a 9174 EFR with an aluminum center section and 1.05 A/R T4 hotside. I feel that this is going to be way more turbo than I need for a 280Z but whatever, I can't seem to get rid of the thing for a smaller turbo.
My 1JZ head had some odd wear, and as I was trying to decide if I wanted to try and machine it and bring its flow up to anything near what a stock 2JZ head can do, a vvti 2JZGTE popped up for sale and I scooped it up with the assumption that if 1.5JZ swaps are a thing, then going the other way has to work. Turns out Aaron from Driftmotion has already been down this path with quite a bit of success, and after speaking with him while ordering parts, I'm glad I took the plunge.
Supporting mods on the 1JZ bottom end are:
Weisco 86.5mm 9.5:1 pistons
ARP rod bolts for stock 1JZ rods
ARP head studs
I'll have the bottom end machined and the assembly re-balanced with the new pistons and rod bolts. Should be fun. Anyone know of a machine shop near Denver with a 2JZ torque plate?
Fuel system/ecu: 
Drift motion -8 Fuel rail
Donkeypower 1300cc injectors (EV14 bosch type). 
DW Surge tank with twin AEM e85 044 clones. 
Fuel lab fpr and filters
GM Flex fuel sensor for E85
AEM Infinity 6 Standalone
I'll likely have the stock 280Z tank popped apart, cleaned out and coated since with the surge tank I should have enough fuel to do whatever I want. 

One thing I learned in my quest for DBW is aside from being heavy, the USDM 2JZGTE (or possible early JDM, not 100% sure) throttle body doesn't play well with the VVTI solenoid. In fact, they don't fit due to the TPS sensor being in the way. However, I'm totally okay with that, as I didn't want to deal with installing a throttle cable anyway. The plan from the start was to switch the TB out with something similarly sized in diameter, and that ended up being a 350Z throttle body. For wiring I'll simply move what would have been IACV wiring about 18" further forward.

Please excuse the messy garage, its normally much more organized but trying to cram 2 shells and a Ducati in there left me with little space. I'm having to play garage tetris to store all of this crap until I can haul away the blue shell.
Here is the 2JZGTE vvti head on the 1JZ bottom end.
All of this stuff is eliminated simply by going DBW with the AEM infinity 6 with my 350Z TB and pedal combo.
Quite the size difference.
The biggest irony is that if the bolt pattern on the 2JZ thottle body was the same for the top two bolts as it is for the bottom two studs, this would be a bolt on affair. Sadly, only the bottom two studs line up.
No issues with the throttle blade hitting the inside of the manifold. I'll likely end up not using the bottom bolt holes at all, and instead center up a plate and weld it to the intake to use as a new flange.

One of the last engine parts I need is a flywheel/clutch. I'm using a milled down 350Z CD009 transmission. What I'm hoping to do is just run a clutch kit that lets me swap the clutch hub/disc out for a Nissan one and lets me keep my 2JZ flywheel. OS Giken, ATS work this way as the clutch disc part number is universal to all their kits. The only thing that changes is the center hub. The thousand dollar question however is simply will there be enough engagement of the input shaft on the transmission to make this work long term.
I also got my Greddy T88 turbo manifold on there and my 9174EFR fits quite nicely on it. The only thing to do to the manifold now is cut off the 4-Bolt WG flange and weld on a v-band for my Turbosmart WG.
For anyone wondering what the CD009 looks like bolted up to a 1JZGTE with a VVTI 2JZ head, here you go.

#2 joa_taste


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Posted 31 October 2016 - 06:45 PM

I almost went with a cd009 as well. Keep up the hard work brutha. Definitely want to see this running.

#3 makaofox


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Posted 02 November 2016 - 06:52 PM

Looking good! Thats one big turbo! I cant wait to try my 350z trans, my friend had it on his 240z with 600hp and it was amazing. It was def the right choice compared to a r154. Your build def has big power potential. 

#4 Greeko


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Posted 11 November 2016 - 08:22 PM

Looking good! Thats one big turbo! I cant wait to try my 350z trans, my friend had it on his 240z with 600hp and it was amazing. It was def the right choice compared to a r154. Your build def has big power potential. 

 At 600 hp, Did he have to change the R200 and axles?

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