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 I'll start with the project in a nut shell. I rebuilt a 77 280z several years ago and have since been rebuilding with an L33 and T56 drive train. I would like to add some pop to the body through traditional ZG flares and a form of fender vent. I DO NOT want to go the bulky route and bolt on the massive cutout fender flares. I have come across an image but for the life of my cannot find out if this guy made his fenders or purchased a kit. Simply put, I'm asking if anybody can point me in the direction of these fenders (picture below) or if I need to break out the welder/fiberglass and create my own. 


I know some can be vicious on here with the "the search bar is your friend" but in my defense.. I've not been able to come up with anything through multiple forums and websites and three weeks of looking. A lot of guys on here have made some awesome vents but I am being very particular. I like the sleek look of these and the larger size than a bolt on vent.





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That car is a product of Shintaro Mizuno of Mizuno Works in Saitama Prefecture. 



I Agree with the approach of going for a more blended less bulbous vent in the fenders. I originally considered using some gill style vents from a '2003 Hyundai Tiburon , but then decided I would leave the sides vent less.


After much thought (OCD in full gear), I have later come back around to the idea of dimple dying the engine bay fender and venting using a '2014 to current model BMW X5 suv as my inspiration. I find this to be one of the nicest and clean examples to date of venting as well as the last gen FD3S RX7 (one of my favorite cars). I have the Subtle Z front fenders which ramp out from the front door to the wheel flare by 1.5" so I think this will work quite well. I plan on building a tunnel out of metal or fiberglass to channel the air at speed out the exterior vents. Not 100% set in stone on size or placement, just a mock up for quick visual thinking. You have to use some imagination here with these pics of my car mocked up with pin-striping. Now I am thinking of thinning the length of top line and tapering it as well as the bottom to fade into the side much like the lines that a current Miata and Tesla uses by their badge and turn signals alike. Pics of all included....  I'm not sure who's car this is here pic with the dimple dyed holes and fantastic reinforcement, but it is nice and an inspiration to me. Last two vented pics are my first idea of venting. Keep in mind my idea was to bevel these into the fender and not have them stick out as they are in the pics.















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The camaro vents are just about exactly what I am looking at doing. Ive got access to a pair of fenders I think I will be testing my ideas out on. I continued to research and there don't seem to be any production fenders floating around so I may use the fenders to make a mold and create some vented fiberglass fenders that resemble the camaro vents. Who knows, if all goes well and the final product turns out nice I may see if they catch some attention in the market.


By the way Nelsonian, I like the two scoop vents you have mocked up on your z. Never considered that but they match the hood surprisingly well!

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Regarding those "Tesla" vents, those house the cameras on the Autopilot equipped cars. Since its easier to make one fender, the cars without the autopilot hardware and cameras use a blank plate which is what you see above.

Am I hearing a Tesla autopilot swap in the works?

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