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The importance of proper grammer.

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jasper    14

Those of us who fall into the world of hi-tech should take note

of the importance of correct grammar.


I have noticed that many who text messages & e-mail, have

forgotten the "art" of capitalization.


Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack

off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse.


Thank you for your cooperation. :P

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Brad-ManQ45    15

It's about time that individual groups start to battle the dumbing down of the masses and condoning sloppy communication habits.


We've already drawn the line here, but unfortunately there are some that get away with it.


I think that ANY post that does not use capitalization or uses 'texting' grammar/formatting should be sent to the Tools forum and locked - Period. No reason necessary - let them figure it out if they can.


Same thing with those that don't put a proper title/description.


I think that the rules should encourage every user to notify admins of posts that do not meet the standards - some forums have a capability of 'report this post' which would be nice, but don't know if available with this software.


I wish there were more forums that would adopt the basics that we have here - I get tired of dealing with people that may appear to be more ignorant than they really are - or perhaps they really are...


But what do I know, I've only put myself through school raised a family, have a grandson and am still getting several Microsoft Certifications a year at 56.


I personally do not text and have told my carrier not to even send text or data to my phone - that's what computers are for (screens on phones are too tiny for my eyes) and I refuse to appear dumb/lazy in my communications. The occasional contraction or regionalism for effect is quite all right and makes communications a bit less dry.

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rturbo 930    27

Brad, there's a report button on the bottom left of every post. I would also agree with you on how lazy we have gotten in communication. If you ask me, if you don't have a handle on your first (and often only) language, you simply do not know how to communicate, and that is a pretty depressing thought. I haven't perfected the English language, but I put an effort in.

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Tony D    143

I find using SMS is difficult as the repetitive hitting of the button to properly spell words takes a while. I'm getting good at it, and I'm off to buy my first touchscreen phone tonight (Nokia Clone here in Shanghai...) so I can 'stylize' (use a stylus...) and use proper words in my SMS's. (Texts to the uninitiated.)


Yes, I spell out 'see you later' or 'see ya!' I do NOT use 'C U L8R'... Can't grasp its nuances. Don't want to grasp the nuances. QWERTY boards are becoming standard, use them. Even on the phone!



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ShaggyZ    10

The original example was incorrect. To assist your Uncle Jack in his effort to dismount from his horse, one should say:


"To help your Uncle Jack off of his horse"


The salient point is not the comma but the extra preposition, "of".

The original example was not incorrect, but it did still sound bad. You don't need two prepositions in a row. Would it be wrong to say "Help me off the horse?"


It's like the overuse of "that." People use it to make statements clear even though it often results in grammatically incorrect sentences.

Edited by ShaggyZ

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Michael    1

Shaggy (and everyone),


You’re quite right that commonly-accepted usage is not necessarily the grammatically correct usage. In colloquial speech we prefer brevity and simplicity over strict rigor. There are cases where two consecutive prepositions are required, but in common usage they tend to be omitted. Another common error is expunging the infinitive, “to beâ€. Example: “Do you need your rug vacuumed?â€, instead of “Do you need your rug to be vacuumed?†The former is incorrect.


I mention this not to be abrasively pedantic, but to point out that (1) some level of ambiguity is unavoidable in written communication, and (2) unflinching enforcement of the rules of English (such as in an internet forum, hint hint....) is ultimately futile and self-defeating.

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BRAAP    244

I for one am not one to be critical of others grammar, my wife is always picking my writing apart, though I am critical of laziness. Not capitalizing or punctuating or using IM text shortcuts comes across as selfish and lazy.

We maintain this forum with regard, a little bit of dignity. We're not elite, far from it actually, but is it too much to ask that member communicate in a semi professional manner, not sound look like a bunch mall rats? Were not asking for college level grammar here, just capitalize the beginning of sentences, punctuate the end of those sentences, perform a basic proofread for gross spelling errors if your prone to poor spelling, and don't use IM text short cuts. B)

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