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  1. I think it is pretty normal to not really want to be told what to do, leave your warm giving girlfriend and nice muscle car, or maybe go to a place where you can get your head shot off. This is precisely why the respect was earned by the ones that did go whether they were drafted or volunteered. They did not go to Canada. Some did it for the rest of us. Hence the guilt. If I was hanging around at home getting laid, I would feel even more guilt. I have a son that has never been injured at all; except for a separated shoulder in football which required surgery 3 days after season end. He r
  2. That is a good site. There is a guy there with LOTS of Infiniti parts at great prices and immediate shipping. He is in the 90-91 thread.
  3. I was drafted in that era and was supposed to go directly to Nam. I was trained as a combat field medic at Fort Sam Houston in Texas. A combat medic's life span in Nam at that time was supposedly two weeks. Out of 243 people in my class, all went to Nam except eight. I was sent to the Panama Canal Zone, and seven went to Germany. I, of course, was delighted with my luck. When my orders were announced, a training sergeant/lifer came directly over to me and told me that I received the best orders out of 3,000 men because there was nothing to do there but party and the women were wonderful. When
  4. I had a 91 Q45, and I was going to put the engine in a Z and was following the threads on the process. I run a Mercedes, Bmw etc, shop and can get all parts for about 60% of what other people pay. I still refused to be hijacked by the parts prices so I gave the car to my 18 year old son and he is playing with it, as you can see by the picture on the link below, until it dies. Fabulous engine, outrageous prices and my 50 year old mechanics hate to work on it because everything is so hard to get to. It was also the best driving, running car I ever had. By the way, the front mud flap moldings (wi
  5. Please tell me that you don't own the yellow one as well. I would not be able to take that.
  6. Am I seeing a tilt front end here; and if so, how about a pic of it open. The bigger lights are an improvement. Your Z is awesome! I see the turn signals, what are the other squares? Driving lights, air inlets?
  7. Sometimes you canplumb the bathroom to a buried 55 gallon plastic drum ($12 Home Depot) and sink a submersible solid waste pump ("150 Harbor Freight) that has an automatic float switch into it sitting on a concrete block on the bottom; to pump stuff many many yards.
  8. Women's heart pain is almost always in their back for some reason and a lot of men as well.
  9. I have never met a man that did not get "uneasy" in church. Something about black bikini panties under a choir gown. I think I will go to church Sunday for two reasons. Sorry, I need to stop now.
  10. My small town football team chaplin was nailing every housewife in town. He would pray with us at every game and then set a "good example" the rest of the week.
  11. I hope I am not hijacking a thread here but I guess we are all talking about our garages and bathrooms, etc. Soooo, You guys that need a bathroom out back for your garage; DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND: check out the one I built and is selling on ebay; item number 200055138183 and can be transported on a truck. It is not going to sell there, they have thousands of things to look through before you get to mine. Even your wives would like it. Hooks right up to your plumbing exceeding all code req by far. Thank god I'm a county boy..... City boys
  12. Wonderful, good thinking. I get tired of the sellers blackmailing me for feedback so I can get my purchases I already paid for. Then they don't give you good feedback in return, they just ignore you. They are more interested in feedback than selling.
  13. That is a good thread and good reading, however I am still confused, is this John guy buying JTR kits and selling them as a distributor and installer or is his kit different?
  14. http://www.johnscars.com/zcar/zcar.html I tried searching but did not find this. Does anyone know about this kit. Is it just a JTR kit as he does Jaguars also?
  15. I used to get these pains all the time to the point I would walk around looking deformed trying to give in to them. I could not move my neck, right shoulder, back, etc. I went everywhere. All the orthopedic doctors told me it was my back. I even, in desparation; went to a Chiropracter and he slapped me around and walked on me etc. I finally went to a family doctor for something else and in two minutes he told me I had knots in my muscles because of stress. He knows I hate any kind of pills but he told me the knots would not truly go away unless I took muscle relaxers (I think mine was Flexeril
  16. What you are trying to do is keep them from. 1) transferring from the bigger trucks to the smaller ones with the cherry picker on the back 2) go off their normal industrial routes deeper into resential areas with the smaller cherry picker trucks These two things, obviously cost them, and then you, more money.
  17. Go Gators !!!! Florida 28 Ohio 17 I am just glad it is not the Florida State Criminoles
  18. Heavy items on a pallet are usually much cheaper if you have it delivered to an industrial zone zipcode and onto an actual loading dock. If you or a friend work in a place where a truck can back up to a loading bay/dock where the truck floor is at the same level as the building floor; then they will just offload it cheaply there as part of a normal delivery. Then you are on your own with it and can place it on an engine stand with wheels if it stays there, or you can load it onto a pickup with a engine crane or a bunch of guys, etc.
  19. Researching the availability of the old GTU wide bodied Z kit; I talked to this "SHOWCAR" guy for about an hour, a year ago. When I hung up I told myself to never use him for anything. I talked to John Washington about the same time for about 30 minutes for the same reason and exchanged some emails. He told me the good, bad, and ugly of how to use his parts, which I understand from other customers; are excellent. This man tells the truth. 240zttV8 has a great GTU kit now, and in my mind, should make other high quality parts as well and go on to make a fortune.
  20. Can we get a "BEWARE" sticky on this SHOWCAR idiot. It is just unthinkable that he can continue on to hurt Z people and take their money, especially under the "Jesus" flag.
  21. As an old custom Olds Vista Cruiser guy that doctored it up to look like a Hurst Olds wagon; I have to admit, I would go for the Cadillac.
  22. Your dash is fabulous. I want it and will eventually copy part of it. However, if the top of your dash is not dull and dark, preferably black; you will definitely see a major reflection of it in your windshield 100% of the time which is even more maddening at night with street lights, etc. This is why every car is made this way from the factory and is why most complete interiors are gray or two tone gray with the darkest gray starting on top of the dash and even going onto the interior of the doors.
  23. My kind of people. Where was the bourbon in the "frying turkey" shot?
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