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  1. I have one. Pulled from a running 82 with shaft 175.00 shipped with tracking number pm if interested
  2. What year is the car ? 82/83 cars have cv axles those are worth keeping. Front struts, 510 guys want those Rear end, yes keep it the turbo rims if it has them driveshaft
  3. Good day all. Not sure if i read this here on hybrid or not, but i have pictures I found reference to a different blower motor upgrade for our beloved s30's Using the motor from a 1999 kia sportage (and yes it comes with the fan cage/hamster wheel, if bought new) and very minor trimming to the metal motor housing, It fits with no rubbing, also unlike the original, it flush mounts to the housing so no spacers and you can reuse the original screws. I'm not taking credit, just sharing something i stumbled across on the web, which i did myself and now i'm sharing. And yes
  4. A simple explanation is that on a gas engine fuel is constant or pre determined by a pre set fuel map and air is the variable controlled by the throttle body but on a diesel engine air is the constant, their is no throttle body, and fuel is the variable
  5. Is the car lower then factory ? You my need a set of bump stop spacers. I've had this happen with a lowered car in the past. By changing the factory ball joint geometry, it puts the ball joint at an extreme angle which then causes it to wear out faster. Blackdragon sells them.
  6. I'm working of minimizing my wiring harness in my 75 right now. As well as fix the previous owners screw up's. It's going to be super clean when I'm done.
  7. one of the switches, if i remember correctly is an upshift switch
  8. clean the contacts in the hazard switch, everything goes though it first, had the same problem and cleaning the contacts fixed it no problem
  9. Welcome semi-local S130 owner ;) The numbers are growing Shady....

  10. I know this is an old thread, but I'd like to add that the walbro or any fuel injection pump for that matter is a fuel pusher Not a fuel puller your problems would have been solved quicker and sooner by mounting the injection pump at the rear of the car by the fuel tank which is also the stock location for the pump on any injected car I write this to inform, because reading it concerned me about the walbro pumps, which is what i'm using on my zx turbo and when mounted properly its a great pump
  11. nice to see there is love for the 2+2 and that i'm not the only one 82 2+2 turbo
  12. I stayed with the L28ET that came in the car for a few reasons -it sounds so freaking awesome -it's turbo -it just looks right under the hood -and the best reason, because I spent a few hundred on fuel injection upgrade gear, and my 300 buddy gave me all the gear for the z31 upgrade
  13. Hey mark I've had this problem twice, both of my zx's past and current the problem lies with the 30 year old electric oil pressure sender it leaks where the two prongs are for the plug, because all it is metal crimped around plastic the quick fix i've used both times silicone or 2 part epoxy, whatever i had at the time works like a hot damn and if you want to buy a new one be ready to spend close to a 100 bucks, that's near what i was quoted about 4 years ago and the easy way to see if this is your problem pull the boot off that protects the connector if there's oil ther
  14. you fix it by bypassing it, then find one in a junk yard, like i did
  15. lets see some more pictures of this bad boy, its has perked my interest ...also does it have a price tag yet ?
  16. hey! what part of bc you from. you have any pics of the s130. yeah we are few and far between here

  17. bought my 2nd one back in may, its an 82 turbo with only 110,00 miles on it, nearly rust free except of the battery tray
  18. According to the momo website 240/260/280-Z, 280ZX, 510, 610, 810 and datsun/nissan Trucks up to -86 all use the same hub good luck, also ebay is great
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