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For Sale: 1970 240Z w/S52 BMW M3 Conversion, Vin#2003

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The owner of this car is my son-in-law. Sadly, he has developed serious medical complications and has asked me to help sell his 240. I’ll answer whatever questions I can, and if interested, I’ll arrange a meeting to see the car in person (in Beaverton Oregon). He has owned the car for approximately 15 years and it has always been garage kept in his ownership. I don’t know much of the prior history of the car, other than I picked it up for him in the Eugene area. I’ve driven the car a handful of times over the years and it always drove nicely. Previous owners installed ST lowering springs, sway bars, poly bushings, and I *think* Tokico non-adjustable struts. To my knowledge it is nearly rust free, with the only notable exception being a couple spots ahead of the right rear tire (see picture below).


Here is a list of things that I’m aware of that it needs to be returned to road duty:

Exhaust system (everything after the header)

Mounts for the air intake

Fuel return plumbing

Battery & Fluids

Intake manifold and fuel rail assembled

Wiring the Wolf V4X Programmable EFI


Additional info:

280ZX rear disc brake conversion, with Wilwood prop valve

New brake and clutch master cylinders

Aluminum flywheel and nearly new clutch

Includes the original L24 with 4-speed trans

Includes an L28 with EFI harness and computer. I think there may be an L28 Intake manifold, but haven’t found it yet.

Spare front fenders

Bosch 044 fuel pump with swirl pot

Afco aluminum radiator

RT Diff Mount


I’d pick up this car in a heartbeat if I had the room for it, it’s a great car that is so close to being a blast to drive. He is asking $5500 or best offer. PM me directly if interested or feel free to ask questions and I’ll answer what I can.





Engine 1.jpg



Door Panel.jpg

Engine 2.jpg

Front Close.jpg







Wolf V4X.jpg

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43 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

That doesn't look like it would take much to get it on the road. Ron, is that the engine and ECU you put into your old Red 240Z many years ago?


Yep, the engine/transmission is out of my red car. The ECU is the same brand (Wolf) but new and never been fired up.

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17 minutes ago, NewZed said:

Do you have a VIN?  The collectible 240Z's are going up in price.  Might be worth a quick buy for somebody to restore to its 240Z state.


It's fairly low... #2003

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