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  1. 94 LT1 from a Z28 T56 All going into a 77 280Z with a modified Velo Rossa body kit. Moved the A/C to the drivers side, custom brackets and pulleys. Still a work in process, but getting closer. - Joe
  2. It's not a VR front. The rear appears to be a VR, but the front is from something else, it has a hood that can be seen in the pictures. - Joe
  3. I relocated the battery behind the passenger seat in a Taylor battery box. I'll have to dig up some pictures for you. I ran the ground to a bolt to the frame and routed the positive down the trans tunnel in a PVC pipe. The box sits over the tool compartment, so I ran the Positive into the compartment, out the hole where the fuel pump lines are, into a 90 degree PVC bend to the trans tunnel, into a flexible PVC bend that had threaded ends (hole in the trans tunnel). That got me inside the trans tunnel, from there I just ran a PVC pipe to the engine compartment. I tested the ground with a meter and it seemed fine. I haven't started the engine yet, but all the tests were fine. I can email you some pictures it you need them. - Joe
  4. Who cares about the Vette crowd. WE still love ya Mike. :D Joe
  5. I got a Moroso pan with the windage tray build in. Don't remember the part number but both Jegs or Summit have it. (94 LT1) Joe
  6. It's a very strange accident, but still a sad one. RIP Steve. Joe
  7. Dale, You da Man Got mine today. Thanks for sharing your good fortune with us. Joe
  8. YEA !!!!!!! Guess I'll have to hear it in person :icon54: Joe
  9. Start by checking the Grounds. Do a search and you'll find links to wiring diagrams. Check the diagram for the wires that are common to the gauges that are not working and start from there. Hope that helps. Joe
  10. Sorry to hear about your wrist. I suspect (since you'll be limited to non vehicle hobbies) Donna will go into hiding after the first week. - Joe
  11. I think I can hear the lawyers drooling and heading over to that guys house. More unresolved complaints..... can we say Class Action .......... - Joe
  12. A) Drill Doctor - works well, sharpen the bit as often as required Cutting Fluid - You can use WD40, but true cutting fluid is best. It really makes a difference - Joe
  13. After years of back spasms, PT, drugs and pain I finally broke down and went to a Chiropractor. I don't care if it's "psychosomatic", it works well for me. My problem was my spine was misaligned so that it pinched a nerve which caused the spasm which pulled my spine and pinched the nerve, which caused a spasm which ....... you get the picture. Once he got my spine adjusted it stopped the cycle and I've been much better. I'm still cautious when it comes to my back, and I can feel when things start to tightened up, but it sure worked for me. It sounds to me like you might have the same issue. I could reach for a shirt and bang, drop to the floor then crawl to the bed and be stuck there in spasm for three days. I tell my Chiropractor he gave me my life back. Take it easy Pete and get better, don't push to hard. I guess an automatic trans is acceptable for medical reasons:flamedevi - Joe
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