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  1. It'll be difficult to find any specific info for duration, as Don Potter was pretty secretive about that stuff I believe. His camshafts are generally regarded as some of the best, and his engines won a lot of races. Great find! Lift is easy to measure: (Lobe height - lobe width) * 1.5 = cam lift If you have a camshaft grinder in your area, they might have a "cam doctor" machine, which can measure duration and such.
  2. That really sucks about the brakes not fitting. I guess the obvious route to go would be T3 - since they used to sell Watanabe wheels, they should be able to let you know what will fit. It'll be worth it all in the end for those wheels!
  3. Excruciating attention to detail would be my guess. Everything perfectly balanced, precise clearances, removal of sources of parasitic loss, and the willingness/ability to push the engine above the RPM levels of a street build. I would imagine that ITS racers have engines with lifespans measured in hours, and they get treated with a much higher level of maintenance, as well as regular rebuilds. As such they can be pushed much harder and survive. It would be interesting to get an experienced answer.
  4. Cheers Leon! Still need to get around to that, and I also have the new camshaft to swap in. Just been holding off on it. Hopefully by the end of this summer. Thanks! Yeah, I'm running a dual electric pusher fan at the front. The Griffin radiator I have is pretty thick, so space by the engine side is limited. Low profile fans don't seem to move much air unless you drop big money. No issues with cooling though, ever, so it's all good! Thanks! Yeah, the L can really be a beautiful looking engine under the hood. It's a fair bit more w
  5. For the most, yeah. The headlight buckets are still ever so slightly off, but the car is a driver, so I'm not going to sweat it too hard. The roof was fixed last October and the shop doing the work matched the paint for it and the rear quarters perfectly. Since I took the bumper and trim all off myself, they did a little extra work without charging me, so the rear arches were fixed up and repainted as well as the exhaust cut out. Pretty happy overall! Hoping to make it on out for Zfest this year - just need the weather to cooperate. Excited to see your car in pers
  6. You won't find anyone running those on a S30 as they aren't produced in a compatible bolt pattern or offset. Pity, as I do like them, they are lightweight, and the price is very reasonable.
  7. Well, I suppose I should probably update this as it's been awhile. Nothing too huge going on though, just some cosmetic fine tuning in the engine bay. - Replaced all the hardware with fresh yellow zinc plated - New plated water pump pulley, and block off plates. - Made a throttle cable bracket for the Mikunis and eliminated the j-arm that went to the firewall bracket. - Made a new heatshield for the carbs. Bit of a frankenstein's monster, but it seems to work. 2 sheet of aluminium, some Nimbus GII (waffle) between them, and reflective gol
  8. You could also grab one of these float level gauges. I did, and it works very well! http://lupinusflower.ocnk.net/product/58
  9. Two sites I know of sell them direct from Japan: OER Direct http://lupinusflower.ocnk.net/ and RHD Japan https://www.rhdjapan.com/search/engine/nissan_fairlady-z_s30-l28-09-1975-07-1978/model/nissan_fairlady-z/car/nissan/category/turbo-and-na-systems_throttle-bodies-or-intake-plenums-or-surge-tanks-and-parts
  10. Out of curiosity, what jets do SK carbs use? Are they proprietary and ordered from OER, or do they use Weber DCOE jets?
  11. Really depends on condition and how much they have been shaved. If unshaven and the water jackets all look to be in good condition, then $400-ish isn't unreasonable. 108mm is the stock height, head gasket mating surface to valve cover mating surface. Any idea who did the porting on the one? Throw up some pics!
  12. Thanks for being so upfront with the information sharing! It's interesting that the XDi supports hall sensors, as I was under the impression that only the XDi2 and XDi200 did. I've toyed with upgrading my XDi for just that reason, as the hall seems like a much more solid solution - zero chance of signal interference, and it's very difficult to avoid the spark plug wires, alternator and starter with our engine bay layout. Do you recall the serial number it was to check to see if you're below? I'm pretty sure mine will be too old as it's the same design as yours is... Have you conside
  13. The car looks absolutely perfect, so well executed. Congrats!!!
  14. I've got a few people I follow on instagram who are running Watanabe r-types in 15x8 et0. Whether the wheels are F or R-type shouldn't make a differences, since the same specs for width and offset will have the same fitment, so I'd definitely go with the R-types if I were you. Here you go: https://www.instagram.com/sennavsprost/ https://www.instagram.com/nerdy_s30/ https://www.instagram.com/huntershayes/ For what it's worth, regarding fitment, I run Volk TE37V's in 15x8 et0 with 225/50r15 Toyo R888R's and had to roll the rear arch due to rub - my 240Z is lowered about 2 inches.
  15. The SPA GT mirrors are quite similar, albeit a slightly different shape. http://www.spatechnique.com/store/itemDetail.cfm?prodID=700&catID=7 That car you posted being Japanese, I would suspect they are probably custom made for Rocky by "Craft Square". https://www.craftsquare.co.jp/top.html
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