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  1. I don't remember doing anything fancy, just a pallnet rail and stock supra rubber pieces. I'm swapping over to a non webbed intake over the weekend I'll see what it looks like in there.
  2. Looking for all seat parts and hardware to turn my 2 seater 2+2 into 4 seater again.
  3. It's a long shot - but you don't happen to still have the car around do you? In search of rear seat parts.
  4. Junkyard Stock L28ET Stock T3 Turbo Megasquirt 2 440cc Supra injectors Evo 8 Intercooler DSM blow off valve 3" Exhaust MSD 2225 fuel pump 240SX throttlebody 13 PSI at 3200 rpm trailing off to 10 psi by redline 260 hp/300 ft lbs @ 11.5:1 AFR 93 Octane on a Dynojet Mobile (no tuning done just pulls at a car show) I
  5. I don't like how low the interior mirror comes down - I feel like I constantly have to look around it to fully see out of the windshield. Has anybody fitted a shorter one in the stock locations? What options exist (if any)?
  6. Thanks for the feedback - I ended up threading the hole for an M8 bolt, applying JB weld to the bolt hole, then treading in a bolt with a spacer to create a roller. Not a great solution but better than what was there. B.
  7. The pin that holds the roller is broken on my hinge. I found the rebuild info that talks about a new drill bushing to use a roller but no talk of replacement pins. Anybody found a suitable replacement? Bryan
  8. Looking for a set of heater controls shipped to 49345. I really just need the plastic trim piece as my retaining tabs are broken off. Looks a whole lot like this
  9. i am looking into the 300zxt and cave built set up - How did it work out Invincible?
  10. Looks like I need to pull the ecu and put a jumper wire to get it into boot loader mode. I'll probably do that next weekend. Bryan
  11. Thanks! I will get that done today and report back with new logs. To answer previous questions - Nothing edited and I'm using paid versions of log viewer and tuner studio. Bryan
  12. Here are 2 examples. It looks like MAP is getting funky readings. One spike high and one spike low. Examples are right at the end of the logs. Thanks, Bryan Disregard 2nd image. Can't seem to figure out how to get rid of it. 2018-04-21_18.59.46.msl 2018-04-21_19.01.49.msl
  13. haven't gotten a chance to data log yet. Assume I should log FI pulse width and Spark advance? Bryan
  14. I am running Megasquirt 2 wired in similar to below wiring diagram with an 83 distributor and using the MAP sensor. Under very light/cruising conditions the power will suddenly drop out then come right back. Makes for a sudden jerk as driving. Took it to a track day last year and didn't have any problems at continuous WOT. As I type this I thought a deadspot in the TPS (although it was new 2 years ago when I installed MS) I'll check that tomorrow morning. Any other ideas that I could look for or check? Thanks, bryan
  15. I have a set as well that was cleaned 5ish years ago LMK
  16. Thanks for the replies - I'll have the machine shop move forward. Zhoob that was great info - thanks. TimZ - What have you done to your engine/what is power output? Thanks, B.
  17. Looking for some feedback on my plans. Current setup: F54/P90 280zx and turbo Megasquirt 2 - 440cc injectors Evo 8 intercooler 14psi 3" exhaust Goals - 300-350HP Use - 95% street car, with 1 track day per year Due to too many car projects and minimal car space I need to minimize the non-driveable cars. In order to do this I wanted to use the spare block that came with car when I bought it. I had it cleaned and inspected. It is an N42 block, the engine builder stated everything was in great shape except the rod journals that need .25mm
  18. Thanks for all the responses! Clear as day now. Bryan
  19. the 2nd photo is how the last one came out. I didn't consider there being a taper that the seal actually mated up with. Any other votes for 2nd photo? B.
  20. I am refreshing the seals/gaskets on my trans and when I pulled the lip seal out of the front cover it appeared to be in backwards. I've worked with reciprocating pumps for many years and the lip of the seal always points towards the fluid you want to keep in. When I pulled the seal out the lip of the seal was pointing towards the engine. Can someone confirm which direction is correct? Pictures show both sides of seal. Thanks, Bryan
  21. Quick and easy question - I'm putting my trans back together, disassembled to reseal/gasket/oring to get rid of leaks, and wondered if there is supposed to be anything used to secure the boot that on the shifter: http://www.zcarsource.com/uimages/product_photos/clutch/1410169.jpg The factory manual doesn't show anything and there was a zip tie on it when I disassembled it. Wondering if it supposed to be sealing all on its own at the base or if others have used a hose clamp/CV boot clam or other. Thanks Bryan
  22. Drivers side is completely separated so I really need 1. Passenger side I can see separation starting. Edit: this is what I'm looking for http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/23-4382 Let me know if you've got 1 or 2 good ones and price shipped to 49078. Thanks, Bryan
  23. 2 ways to look at it: 1. Get the latest SA 2015 or 2010 that you can. That way you're covered for any auto event anywhere for a longer period of time. http://www.racerpartswholesale.com/category/FullFaceHelmets Trade off is SA helmets should not be used for motorcycling - size of the eyeport being the usually sited downside. 2. If you're really confident you'll never venture outside of things that allow M2000+ and want a dual purpose helmet (what I currently have for autox and motorcycling) get an M helmet. Snell FAQ http://www.smf.org/helmetfaq#aSAM
  24. is it giving signs of misfiring? bad spark/no combustion will give lean readings. symptoms happened as soon as you finished cooling system work? Bryan
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