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  1. Hello, I read a post that you have/may have DIS coil brackets?

    I'm interested in one, if you do have any. 

    thanks, Glenn

  2. This is a rerelease of RTz's coil bracket under his permission. Since he is not producing them anymore and zccjdm is gone I would like to bring these back to the community. Please read this post in its entirety before ordering. If there is anything unclear, please ask. . . . . . . . . . . Block mounting points... Made from 3/16" 6061 Aluminum. Mount Price: $99 shipped anywhere in the US. If outside the US, PM for pricing. 1. Price does not include coils. 2. Mount will require rerouting heater hose. 3. The mounts come with a light DA sanded finish as shown in photo 2. They are ready for paint, or polishes with minimal effort. 4. Included hardware... stand-offs and S.S. bolts for mounting to the block. All extra hardware not included. 5. Coil Part Number: 12558693, or 2000 Chev. Suburban 5.3L 6. Connector Part Number: 12582189 (connectors only come in batches of 4, as a sub-harness) 7. Coils known to work with Wolf3D, Haltech, Motec, J&S, and Megasquirt. It's up to you to know if and how they will work with your specific EMS. Coil Schematic... Pin A... can be grounded to the block, but my recommendation is the head. Pin B... needs to be grounded at the same location as the ECU. Pin C... to ignition channel. Pin D... provide a good 12 volt power source (with key 'on'). Begin with 3.5ms dwell. Test and tune for best ignition performance. For ordering send a PM or post here. Thank you everyone.
  3. Ordered one, Cant wait to see the finished product!
  4. How far are you into this build so far?
  5. Its looking amazing man, great quality work and parts. Do you mind posting a link to the write up you used for the speedhunt gauges thanks.
  6. i have one if you are still interested
  7. I was wondering what a fair price would be for this, i was thinking $800
  8. Thats not my problem, my problem is i love the kit and that whole car. But its just too expensive for me to actually want to buy it.
  9. So guys i just talked to GRreddy they do not have priceing for the kit yet but they said it should be avaliable for pre order next month. One of the representatives gave me a rough estimate on the price for the kit, he said it was going to be in the $3000 range. ROUGH...... Im only going to get the kit if its around $2500
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