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  1. Oh so you are basically clamping the lower lip of the air dam instead of running bolts through the air dam itself? Makes sense. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks a lot granny, great pictures. What are those 3 light blue pieces that you affixed to the aluminum splitter? Also, what thickness aluminum did you use and are you happy with it? Would you change anything if you redid it?
  3. Hey guys, I am currently fitting up a Xenon urethane 3124 type 1 air dam on my 1976 280z. When I have the air dam clamped in place, the outer edges of the dam are slightly past the fenders (see picture). It's the same on both sides. Is this normal and what do people do to correct this?
  4. Up for sale is an extremely rare LSD diff from a turbo 300zx. Comes with the rare finned cover. This came with a car I purchased but I will not be using it. It has a 3.70 gear ratio. I have not run the diff myself and therefore cannot personally confirm it's running condition, but it looks to be in good shape. $1200
  5. I also made a donation but my profile does not indicate so
  6. I cannot post a new thread in the parts for sale forum?
  7. I have an LSD r200 with 3.70 gear ratio. Check out the thread here:
  8. Thanks everyone. Does anyone have a link to an ad or forum link where someone is selling one or sold one? Do 300zx guys buy these or just mainly s30 guys?
  9. I would have considered it, but I swapped in a Ford super 8.8 instead
  10. Thanks man. I did get the spindle pin out of the other one but didn't want to hassle with this one.
  11. This diff came out of my 76 280z. Not even sure what diff it is. Anyone know what it is and how much it's worth?
  12. Wow, nice. So was this out of a 300zx? Is there a technical name for this diff so I can list it properly?
  13. Found this stamping on the ring gear
  14. @Ben280 @JMortensen I tried to measure the gear ratio and kept coming up with something like 3.75. it's hard to be exact though
  15. These parts are off my 1976 280z. I replaced with the super 8.8 kit. What are they worth? In good shape as far as I know. Rubber isolator is torn up on passenger side strut. Thanks
  16. I got this diff as an extra when I bought my 280z. I was told it was an R200 LSD. I am going to sell it but want to be sure I know what it is. Can anyone help identify this? Also, what is it worth?
  17. I drilled out all the spot welds on my spare tire well on my 76 280z and removed it to make room for a different gas tank. It is in mint condition, no rust at all. What is something like this worth?
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