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  1. Thank you, I would appreciate that
  2. Have you installed them yet? If not, I would really love some measurements as I need to fabricate my own.
  3. Thanks Sanchez. Do you still have the boot plates that go between the hinge and seal?
  4. No tach signal for ZPS system. I'm not even sure what the Silvermine system would do with a tach signal.
  5. Nice job and nice car. Very clean. I just did this install myself and was a bit surprised that the installation instructions were basically non-existent. I ended up having to fabricate a brace for the motor to stiffen it up. I had a lot of play without it. I was wondering what you are running in place of your air vents? Are those tweeters? Any more information and pics?
  6. How important are the hatch hinge seals? They aren't cheap. Without them, does water get up into the roof pocket? Trying to determine if I really need them or not. I have a 76 280z.
  7. The length will dictate where you have to attach the mount on the body. Depending on how you do it, you may be able to compensate.
  8. I used 4477N10 gas hood lifts. The exact part may not be available anymore but the specs are -extended 12.5" compressed 8" 43lbs
  9. fusion

    280z gauges

    Thanks, I appreciate it
  10. fusion

    280z gauges

    I replaced all my factory 280z gauges with aftermarket. What are the stock gauges worth?
  11. Great info, thanks. I'm surprised how tall these adapters are. Why is that? Also, is it worth it to get an expensive adapter like NRG vs a cheaper one if it's just providing a different bolt pattern?
  12. Thanks so much, really appreciated. One question, I measured the OD of the splines of my steering shaft at 17.5mm, not 16.5mm. I have a 1976 280z. Any chance they are different?
  13. That would be great, thank you.
  14. Cool, thanks man. Is there a certain depth of wheel that puts it at basically the same distance from the driver as stock? Any reasons why or why not to change that distance? Thanks
  15. I am building a 1976 280z from the ground up. The car was a roller and didn't come with a steering wheel. I don't want the factory steering wheel. I will have power steering so I don't need such a large wheel. When I look at aftermarket steering wheels, are there certain specs I should be looking for? Such as attachment to the steering shaft (splines etc), depth of the wheel, horn connection. At what point does the wheel interfere with seeing the gauges if you go smaller diameter? Anything else? Thanks
  16. I'm also thinking I could run the wires under the fender on top of the inner fender. Entering here: And exiting right by the headlight splash guards: Thoughts?
  17. Does anyone have a picture(s) of how the headlight wires enter into the sugar scoop to connect to the headlight? I'm assuming the wires normally come from the engine compartment? How do the get to the area behind the headlight? I found a very basic sketch but it isn't that helpful. I am rewiring my car (1976 280z) from scratch and can do it any way I want. Looking for the cleanest install. I'm currently planning on running wires through the passenger fresh air duct and could cut at the engine compartment opening of the duct (orange circle) and install a weathertight grommet but not sure I love that and also that doesn't help me for the drivers side. Thanks
  18. Thanks guys. I don't need audiophile sound but don't want it to be terrible either.
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