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  1. I must have missed it, but how do I donate to the site?
  2. I am using the roll bar hoop dimensions that 74_5.0L_Z graciously posted and wanted to make sure that it would also work for a 280z as well.
  3. Does anyone know if this measurement is the same from 240z to 280z? I have 53.75" just above the middle circle. I'm assuming it is, but just wanted to double check. Thanks Joe
  4. Has anyone put in a universal tilt steering column? I am thinking of putting in a flaming river or ididit column to get the tilt functionality and also make rewiring a ton easier. Has anyone done this? I found a couple of threads but nothing concrete. Thanks
  5. Car is a 1976 280z. Just got it a while ago and starting my build. I am beginning to plan my roll bar. I noticed there are 2 bowl shaped recesses in the floorboards, behind each seat. I am assuming they are there for clearance when the seat is slid all the way back? Either way, this is in the area where I am going to build the boxes for the main hoop connection, so I am planning on cutting them out and welding in a flat plate. Just wanted to know what they are there for. Thanks Joe
  6. Does anyone have pictures of the fitment of this hoop in their Z? Close ups would be really nice. Any reason the fitment would be any different in a 1976 280z? Thanks much in advance.
  7. Did you use a different ignition module? If so, where did you mount it? Also, good advice on the LS wiring. I am planning on using a Holley standalone, so I'll be using their harness.
  8. Joe, would you be willing to share how you wired the column? That looks like the biggest headache by far!
  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. It's definitely a big, tedious job.
  10. Hi guys, I have a 1976 280z. I am new to Datsuns but have done an LS swap in a 60s muscle car (that had much less wiring). I am putting a 5.3 LS/t56. I want to rewire the car. I will be trashing the stock engine wiring harness and likely running a Holley standalone with harness. I will be replacing all factory gauges with aftermarket. The biggest challenge seems to be the ignition and steering column. I have read that some people like putting in an EZ wire universal kit. For people that have done a motor swap and rewire before, did you just trash the f
  11. Hi all, Anyone have any comments/feedback on the zpowersteering or silvermine electric power steering units? Obviously the zpowersteering costs a bit more. Looking for some comparisons. Thanks
  12. Thanks guys. Since power steering pumps are an easy add on an LS, any reason to not do the Subaru rack? For those that have done them, did you have to restrict the flow? Any good step by step write-ups?
  13. What is everyone using for hydraulic power steering racks with an LS swap?
  14. Thanks for your comments Ohm. I am confused on your responses if they are referring to the rear suspension conversion kit , or the track attack rear suspension. Do all your answers apply to both products? Can you give a basic rundown to the differences between the two products? Some differences are obvious, but please list them all. Can you specifically say what axles are used? Any reason the more stout 1200ft/lbs axles from the other kit wouldn't work on this one? What options are there to upgrade the 370z stub axle to get it more in line with the torq
  15. Anyone have a thought as to why they offer both the 300zx and 370z hubs/axles? Is one preferred to the other? Is this a much stronger option than the 280z stub axle?
  16. I emailed Apex with this thread link, hopefully they will respond.
  17. I may call them tomorrow. What are the biggest questions that need to be addressed in your opinion?
  18. Any thoughts on the Apex Engineered rear subframe against other options? https://www.apexengineered.com/store/p31/Rear_Suspension_Conversion.html I am building my s30 with a turbo LS and I am keen to upgrade the rear end. I know zcardepot already has a bolt in kit and others on this site are working on others. Just wanted to get people's opinions. Thanks
  19. Tony, do you have any links for me to read about the STI swap? Do any vendors sell a kit? Thanks
  20. I too would like to know if this is still going on
  21. Question about shifter placement. So since the Magnum trans moves the shifter location forward, what are your plans for the center console? Also, have you seen this? https://motoiq.com/watch-tremec-t-56-magnum-f-world-premiere-install-and-test/
  22. Would you mind summarizing your efforts? Like what does the kit come with, what parts are needed, and what power level it can support? Does the Z need to be modded? I've read the thread but not 100% sure. Thanks
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