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  1. Still looking? If so I have a '72 with a turbocharged L28E in it. If interested send me a PM and I'll send you pictures and details. Asking $6000.
  2. I have a '72 turbo for sale if you are interested. It runs nice and strong and drives nice. It would be a good project, although I have been happy driving it like it is. There is a bit of rust in some of the typical spots but it's not excessive. Asking $6000. PM me if you are interested and I can send you pictures and more details. Bill N. Channahon, IL
  3. PM'D. I have a '72 240Z turbo for sale. Looking for about $6000. PM me your email and I'll send you pictures and more details. Bill N. Channahon, IL
  4. PM'd. I have a '72 240z with a turbocharged L28E I am willing to part with.
  5. Use the search term "rollover" at the Jegs website and you'll see what they're talking about: http://www.jegs.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/KeywordSearchCmd?storeId=10001&catalogId=10002&langId=-1&Ntk=all&Jnar=0&Ne=1%2B2%2B3%2B13%2B1147708&searchTerm=rollover As far as your weekend racer, what type of racing are we talking here? Drag strip? Road course? If you plan on doing any real racing with a sanctioning body like NASA or SCCA, you may need to get an FIA approved fuel cell. For doing track days, or HPDEs, most groups don't require an FIA approved cell bu
  6. I'm confused as to why your spark plug wires have anything to do with the results of your compression test.....? Just how are you performing your compression test?
  7. Another way you might do it is to post on your regional SCCA/NASA forums, as well as those SCCA/NASA forums near where you are buying, that you are looking for somebody to transport. Lots of those guys have trailers and are used to hauling cars around, and for the most part are a pretty honest group of people to deal with.
  8. You only need two ports... one should be plumbed into your intake manifold as a boost reference, and the other gets plumbed into your wastegate actuator. Make sure you don't get them mixed up. EDIT: Figured out this is a bleeder-type controller so yes, you need the T-fitting.
  9. Since you can't necessarily trust the block stamping (yours should be an N42) to tell you what pistons it has (somebody could have swapped them out), an easy method is to take out a spark plug and shine a flashlight in the hole to get a look at the top of the piston. A dished piston should look something like this: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/attachments/open-zcar-discussion/14412d1159747766-forged-dish-8-1-turbo-pistons-datsun-nissan-l28-pistons-007.jpg And of course a flat top piston will have a flat top
  10. Thanks for the clarification on current prices Xnke. In my pricing I wasn't including wideband or any other assorted connectors needed. I bought my MS1 kit about three years ago, along with the 8' harness, relay board and IAT sensor and I think it came up to about $420. Bigfat280z, Xnke pointed out some excellent things that emphasize the details that need to be considered, like the exhaust liners, injector connectors and the different fuel rail needed for the Supra injectors. Pallnet makes a popular Z fuel rail that a lot of guys use for that style injector, and I think there is at leas
  11. Rather than telling you what you should expect to pay for each part (that's your job to figure out), I'll tell you that you can easily do the whole thing for under $3000. And if you're looking for 230WHP you won't need a T3/T4 hybrid to get there, although that would be a nice setup. The stock T3 turbo will get you to your power goals and will be easier to source, as well as be more straightforward to install (no spacer needed). No, you won't need to do a head swap but like the T3/T4, it would be nice. That leads me to ask, do you know what block and head you have on it now? You imply that y
  12. The 29mm adapter you buy is going to be sized for 29mm ID hose, and that's the size of hose you should use. The bung you get welded onto your intake should also be sized for 29mm ID hose. And for the sake of some other HybridZ members, let's call this thing a compressor bypass valve (CBV) instead of a BOV, shall we? Alrighty then. Now before you go too far here, where exactly are you planning on recirculating it to? You are saying "intake" but that can mean either your intake manifold or your intake piping at your turbo inlet. You will want to recirculate it to your pre-turbo intake pipi
  13. For the throttle linkage I ended up using a universal throttle cable kit from Jegs that works quite well: http://www.jegs.com/i/JEGS+Performance+Products/555/157006/10002/-1 For modifying the 240SX throttle linkage, if I remember correctly I just had to flip the actuator arm by 180 degrees so it would work in a pull-cable application. This points the actuator arm downwards instead of upwards but it still works fine. Below are a couple of pics that show the cable and linkage. The pics aren't very good but they should give you the idea of how it can work.
  14. Run your sensor returns as shown in the diagram. These returns are grounded through the relay board. As long as your relay board is grounded well, you shouldn't have any trouble.
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