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  1. Don't evaluate the time between primer and paint as realistic. I'm just now recently posting pics that were taken some time ago. The Z was in paint jail for 9 months before I got it back. Tom is backed up with paint jobs and won't do anything for a while.
  2. After an extended stay at Tom's paint jail the Z has returned and is at Mack's shop to have the "Motorsports Auto type 3" air-dam attached. This pic shows the un-buffed paint and the rear hatch weatherstripping warming up on the roof prior to installation. Also, a new windshield had just been installed by a "Safelite" employee prior to the pic being taken.I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these windshields are in stock and readily available at a very reasonable price. The installer came to Mack's shop and quickly replaced the windshield right where the Z was parked.
  3. These pics show the Z in primer at Tom's, a one-man paint and body shop, recommended by Mack.Tom agreed to do the bodywork and paint for a reasonable price, so long as he could squeeze the Z in-between other paint jobs.
  4. Turbonetics 72 mm compressors with "Q" trim .81 A/R turbines. I sanded and polished the turbines and then had them ceramic-coated. Thanks for the comment.
  5. Here is the CXRacing twin turbo air-to-water intercooler. Both the inlets and the outlets had to be modified for the intended application. This pic shows how the intercooler will be positioned in relation to the turbos and engine. You can see the fenders are used but they are rust-free. Preliminary placement of cold-side 3 1/2" intercooler outlet to carb. There is sufficient clearance between the carb inlet tube and Meziere electric water pump. This pic also shows the Edelbrock Victor Jr intake manifold that I modified by removing the thermostat housing. Mack, then welded 16 AN male fittings to it for coolant hoses to the radiator.
  6. Mack provided the CX Racing stainless steel turbo headers and all the hot-side components. But the header collectors had to be shortened to properly line up with the desired turbo and intercooler location.
  7. Frame rail was notched and boxed in to provide clearance for turbo down-pipe. Air to water inter-cooler pipe opening in firewall was plugged since inter-cooler would no longer be in passenger compartment. Stock 240 z cross-member was modified and reinforced to provide easier oil pan removal with Chevy engine still in car.
  8. Heavy duty tubing is welded in to strengthen and replace cut-off front end.
  9. The bad has been removed....the good remains. Dummy engine is in to allow fabrication around it.
  10. True Street competition requires 3 back to back to back runs down the strip without cool-down or adjustments. Pomona has a shorter than most shut-down distance causing me to apply the brakes harder than other strips. As a result, unbeknownst to me, the brakes had overheated and were useless. At the end of the strip I had just enough time to say "Hello Net".
  11. You are correct....and the roof did not need to be re-skinned. After I removed the seats, Mack got on his back on the floor and used his boots to pop out most of the dent. I don't know if that's a good sign of strength or a bad one?????
  12. The Z has a 'back-halved' 4-link Ford 9" and 10 point chromolly cage that would be very expensive to duplicate in a new shell. Only the front end was damaged in the crash.
  13. I'm resurrecting my twin turbo SBC Z after crashing it in 2014.The build will be documented in the Members Projects section.
  14. As some of you know, in 2014, at the NMCA-West True Street race at the Pomona strip, the Z's brakes failed after crossing the finish line at 160 mph. I was not injured but the same could not be said about the Z. Since I did not have the funds to rebuild the car the plan was to part out what was undamaged. However, my friend Mack, owner of Mckinney Motorsports a Datsun performance and repair shop, informed me that he would rebuild the Z. He also assured me that there would be no charge for all the required welding and fabrication.....Well OK....Let the 'Resurrection' begin! Here are 2 pics of the Z before the crash. Pics of the damage.
  15. I'm impressed with how "beefy" the adjustable rod is compared to the stock unit. In addition, It allows greater caster settings for straight line stability. It also reduces the amount of front wheel drop when the wheels are off the ground.
  16. I have my old twin turbo sbc kit for sale. It is a blow through carb setup but is heavy. It fit easily into my z with front mount exhaust.
  17. I'm selling my Twin Turbo Small Block Chevy Kit from my 240 Z on E-Bay to get my Z out of Paint Jail where it has been since last year. I'm going with a different Turbo set-up so this one has to go. Unfortunately, it weighs 110 lbs. with the turbos and is for local pick-up. http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/131771066442?
  18. Looks good...you are making progress. I'm still waiting for my Z to get out of paint jail.
  19. My Z has used the same CSR mini starter for 16 years without ever failing to crank. However, I'm using a Ford remote mount solenoid that is mounted away from the starter and in a low heat location. This has worked despite high underhood temperatures created by twin turbos.
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