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  1. Looking Good!!! Getting Better Every Time...
  2. Never took a pic of it and it's gone in the trash. However, you can visualize what the pan looks like by imagining hitting the front bottom of the pan as hard as you can with a sledgehammer!!!!
  3. Great looking valve covers!!! Headers look good too.
  4. Stony, The fender flares look good, but I thought you wanted to keep them stock if large radials like 325x50x15 would fit. My Z's fenders are stock and the radials fit with plenty of clearance. So maybe you are planning on even bigger Tires!!!
  5. Thanks. I have a new oilpan on order. Although the old one wasn't leaking, it was a bit crumpled!!!!!
  6. I wasn't going to lift, this time. But the carb probably flooded the engine while the nose was up in the air and immediately killed the engine. There was nothing I could do to keep it from dropping. It was actually kind of exciting to see the track disappear before my eyes!!!!
  7. Davy, There are (2) 12 An braided hoses coming out of the intake manifold and transporting coolant to the radiator. On an 80 degree sunny day it does not exceed 190 while on the street or racing. However, I give most of the credit to the Taurus fan. In a few weeks I will do more racing and cruising and it should be much hotter then. We will see if the system passes the test. Yes, I really like the way it looks and am hoping it works out.
  8. The normal JTR radiator installation for Chevy engines in a Z leaves plenty of room in the engine compartment. But I also have turbos in front of my engine and that's why I made this change. I'm using a standard Arizona Z Car radiator for v8 Z's. However, this is a lot more work than what you may want to do. If you duplicate my system, you must seal off the standard upper inlet, lower the outlet to pass under the radiator support, weld on inlets for the radiator, remove the thermostat housing from the intake manifold, weld on bungs for the intake manifold coolant outlets,run coolant lines, and include a radiator fill location. The good thing with this system is that the radiator filler is higher than the radiator.
  9. Went to Irwindale dragstrip for Thursday night TNT and to try out the parachute. My first two runs were mediocre because my line lock was not working and my burnouts were insufficient to properly heat the tires. I only ran 116 mph in the 8th mile but I deployed the chute, anyway. Maybe because of the low mph or because I stumbled upon the perfect chute mounting position, I felt nothing when the chute deployed. Soon I will find out what it feels like to pop the chute at 150 mph. But first I have to buy a new oil pan....you will see why when you watch this video. I was surprised how well the burnout was for the third run. And the tires hooked. The oil pan isn't leaking , but only a little crumpled.
  10. This video shows the final product after I moved the radiator in front of the radiator support. Those of you who are familiar with the appearance of my Z's engine bay, know there was a hose that ran from the thermostat housing to the radiator. Unfortunately, it was located above and between the intakes of my turbos. So I hacked off the thermostat housing from my manifold and had a couple of 12 AN bungs welded to the cylinder heads' water outlets. Then the attached lines were routed to the rear and side of the engine bay, under the fender and back into the relocated radiator. This provides more room for the turbos to breathe......
  11. I like it. That's a good ET for that 60 ft time. Have you used your chute yet?
  12. I'm glad you guys finally saw the light and you are going after it with a vengeance!!! Looks great.
  13. 150 mph in the quartermile and 120 mph in 1/8th mile. I've gone approx 124 in the 1/8th.
  14. Finally had a parachute mount fabricated by Mckinney Motorsports. Hopefully this will end the problem of being kicked out at dragstrips due to excessive speed. Mack did a great job of disguising the chute bar so that I can easily remove the pack, hide the cable, and drive on the street.
  15. You can run anything you want at PSCA. BOTI and IDRC wont allow Chevy V8's in class racing but I race in their brackets where anything goes.
  16. Wayne Congrats for winning. That Purple Z is flying!!! It even looks real wicked with all the backfiring. Why is it doing that? Is it on the rev limiter at launch? Thanks for the video. Hanns
  17. Wow, I didn't find out about this until just now. Like everyone else I'm also sorry to hear about the loss of your father. It is just amazing that You walked away from this crash. But then WE "Old Guys" are pretty tough. Hope you're back at the track in the near future. Hanns
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