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  2. They are still in opa locka new location there phone is 305 769 1877. And in Miami we have a big group of fast Z . From V8 to 2J and L powered and stock ones to all out race cars
  3. Is this video after the twin scroll set up or before? It sounds just like my 280zxt now .
  4. Good luck with your project !!! Have to tried to fire the motor yet?
  5. I would love to hear the new exhaust sound. Any videos?
  6. I'm 100 percent sure that i have one ... As soon as I get home from work I will let you know .
  7. I just need a trigger signal... And i have a nonturbo distributor i just don't have the distributor base...
  8. So i don't have to go out and find a NON turbo distributor.... PS, Phill only one way to find out. Line it up !!!!
  9. Which pullup resistor should I use???
  10. yeah Phill I'm using a 240sx tps. I just don't want to use a non turbo distributor. My problem is that i get a weak signal to the coil. And Phill any updates on your ZX. Im just going to have to go with a non-turbo dizzy and 6al box....
  11. This is the issue i'm having. I don't know how to wire up my turbo distributor. Been reading the Mega Squirt website and i got a link back to hybrid Z because I can't find any information from Gotech. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php?showtopic=23244 And here's a picture from the manual. I just don't know what else to try. Thanks for your help
  12. miles, I have the MSA mounts . I going to have to cut header like you stated. i'll post pictures of the mods as soon i finish it .
  13. I would like to know if anyone is or has had the problem im having. The part number for the headers is 2001HKR. Its hitting the steering shaft
  14. Looks like fun!!! now I have to do some donuts when I leave work!!!!
  15. It's a 81 turbo with t3/t04e, 3in exhaust, intercooler, 60mm tb and 2mm hks head gasket... The fuel system is 1/2 feed and 3/8 return with an accel dfi pump. I had a haltech f3 and it went bad so i need to run the stock turbo harness and computer. So the mustang 720cc injectors wont work with the stock turbo computer. But i do have mustang 30lb injectors (red tops) that i need to use for now. I dont want to use any hobbs switches on the zx. And i will bring the boost down to 14 to 15 from 20 psi.Thanks
  16. Looking to get some answers ... I have a stock afm and would like to know whats the biggest injectors i could run are? I have a set of ford mustang 24lb and 30lb injector ...
  17. about time i post some pictures of my 260z. sorry for the bad pictures
  18. Not trying to highjack, but i have a early 260z and i would like what is the binding problem?
  19. The little tire car moves great ... But how (little) is the tire ?
  20. Nice car, I love the look of the lt1/lt4 in a S30....
  21. just found a video of the exhaust ... Thanks
  22. Like the topic saids, I have been looking all over the web and this forum. I have found a few video of vg30 turbos with this exhaust. Need a blow thur muffler that lets the turbo whine at idle for my 81 turbo zx . If i cant find a video it looks like the ultra flow is my only choice.
  23. Great write-up !!! Love the work you did to the ZX .
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