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  1. I have and as many people that I have heard say they had problems I saw just as many that say the love them. We will see. As I mentioned early totalseal.com recommended that way because of the am out of boost I was going to run.
  2. Going to verify oil clearances tomorrow then all I'm waiting for is HG and head to get back from machinist.
  3. The it was explained to me the gapless second does better in high boost situatiins. And since I will be doing 30+psi with a 150 shot.... they said they will work well. Using a 1.1 mm thick 88mm bore cometic. What Preble ms did you see with yours?
  4. Took 1 step forward 2 steps back. Gapped everything at OEM then read the instructions ;> needed to be gapped at .028. Also figured out the gapless rings were installed upside down. Pulled them apart gapped everything and installed the gap-less second correctly this time. Should have short block done tomorrow. now just waiting on the head gasket. apparently 87.5 bore on the gasket is a custom. Didn't figure that out till a week after i ordered the HG. Canx the order now waiting on an 88MM
  5. yes HKS 87mm and BC H beams.
  6. More progress. Also got the first piece of the puzzle for a dry sump system. ;> 20 bux
  7. Mine has probably been doing it since the black car. I have had over 100 passes since last rebuild :-> On a side note one more piece of the puzzle.
  8. I didn't see this till after the fact... I have video somewhere. On launch it would drop to 20 psi for about 1.5 seconds. But hold strong the rest of the way down the track.
  9. Yes it did come with the pick up no gasket or hardware. Did not come with a dipstick I'm just using the one I had from before.
  10. Not sure yet but I'm guessing 6 to 7 quarts
  11. I also had to drill an additional hole for the dipstick so it would go all the way in.
  12. It looks pretty good. These are being sold on ebay for 449. some of the mount holes have to be enlarged and the girdle had to be shaved a bit for it to fit perfect but pretty decent for the money.
  13. Well motor is almost back together. Hope to have it fully assembled in a week or 2 and ready to go back in the car. just waiting on rings, Head gasket, and getting head back from machinist after the valve job. The CXracing pan needed a little trimming and the bracket the oil pickup mounts to was way off. BUT it looks like it will hold significantly more oil then the stock rb20 pan i was running before. Also has really good welds and from i can tell some pretty good baffling. New billet wheel in the T88-34D
  14. hahaha that's what I thought!
  15. Thought your shit was broke? Hahaha. Still smoking or did that clear up?
  16. stony

    RB Rebuild

    Here is a link to where the article is hosted http://www.skylife4ever.com/2011/04/rb26-engine-assembly-how-to-build.html
  17. They are older HKS pistons. But looking around they are still making the same design. Still find it curious that you didn't get the same gains I did in timing. Really starting to wonder if my timing is not indicating correctly. especially since at 18 degrees it was too retarded to put any boost to it. I had to get it past 18 degrees before it would make a full pass on the dyno without breaking up. I did have to change the CAS sensor gear in the cam. I installed it 180 degrees out but that was fixed by rephrasing the coils to match the firing order. But verifyed mech timing it show correctly.
  18. Have any pics of the wiseco? I'm curious as to what the top of the piston looks like. added a pic above of mine.
  19. Corrected above so it reads correctly. Damn cell phones!!! What kind of pistons are you running?
  20. Cool thanks for the heads up. Last time I checked, cometic had a head gasket that had a ring around the combustion chamber also. I haven't really started shopping yet. I suspect my compression ratio was pretty low on the combo that I had before. One of the squish areas was removed from the head and it had a 1.2 millimeter head gasket in it. That may have been why I could go so far on timing. Changing things up a little bit this year shaving .5 millimeter off the head and going with a 1 millimeter head gasket. looking to make a little bit more torque off the turbo in the lower end.
  21. So what did you see that makes you say 17 degrees was as far as you could go? I have never had any issues with cometic. I have always surfaced both the head and block to the recommended 60 ra. My car hasn't really seen any street duty yet though. its lived thru 100 gallons of fuel on the dyno and about 100 passes so at most 60 miles ;>
  22. yep has a restrictor. also considering deleting the piston squirters.
  23. Also gonna take some boost out of.it so it dosnt leave so hard
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