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  1. Cranked the car over and got oil pressure everywhere today. just need to team up with someone to help me with getting the infinity all setup. Other then a few clamps and bolts/hardware here the there she is back together and in final configuration,
  2. These are the 240sx Cxracing ls swap headers. I flipped them and used LSsimple alternator brackets putting it low on the passenger side. I had to use some 90 degree plug and coil boots. but overall the fit is good. will be it SOB changing plugs though. they may fit better with the dingo mounts and turned over like they are supposed to be.
  3. BTW car went 50/50 with the LS swap. It was like 52/48 with the rb setup.
  4. I'm shooting for 850 to the wheels. 5.3, BWs480, BTR stage 2 truck cam, 1600cc injectors on e85
  5. Pretty stoked. Weighed the z today and it came in at 2650 with me in it. That's exactly what it weighed wet with me in it last year. Once it's got fluids should be right around 2700. Thats with all steel and glass. I may go back to fiberglass hood and go with lexan rear window.
  6. Down to little odds and ends. All that's left is wiring and heat wrap.
  7. Down to little odds and ends. All that's left is wiring and heat wrap.
  8. Motor and trans in for last fit checks and plumbing. engine bay painted.
  9. Anyone using the new infinity?? Looking for a good base startup map for a SBE setup with a small cam.
  10. Hope to be the last time for a while with an empty engine bay. Going to scotch bright it and recoat with POR15 tomorrow. Then motor back in after I get the oil drain bung welded in the pan, hopefully for the last time for a while.
  11. I got pretty luck in that the guy that bought it from me was the original owner that I bought it from. It was nearly turnkey when I sold it and included, engine, exhaust man no turbo or wastegate, intake no injectors, powerglide, torque converter aem series 2 with harness. I bought my truck Motor for 400 bucks, put a cam, oil pump, rocker trunnions, pushrods, intake on the motor, bought aem infinity, wire harness, new turbo, put anti roll in my rear suspension, installed parachute (still needs chute), comlp0etely built hot side and cold side piping and who knows what else. Still need converter, and chute and maybe 500 in fittings and hose and once that's done I will have broken even in the whole thing. I could have saved some money if I just run the stock motor but I wanted it to last.
  12. I know I have seen it but for the life of me I cant find it. Anyone have weights on a bare iron block 5.3 truck motor vs rb26?
  13. I did. Used a pipe bender barrowed from a friend.
  14. When I mounted the bracket I had the windage tray snugged down and the pickup tube tight with gasket installed. Then I just played with the different ways the bracket could go together and fit. in the end there was a specific order to how it went together. I will see if I can find some pics.
  15. Justin, They are CXracing 240SX headers for their Ls swap. I flipped them to give me more room. Only bad thing about them is it makes changing plugs a bear.
  16. Some progress pics. I have the Driver side hot pipe tacked and ready to weld. Need to fab up passenger side, waste gates, and downpipe. going to be tight in there when its done.
  17. Well I have made some progress. Mig skills are not the best but they will work. A little grinding and seam sealer and will look good ;> at any rate. Lower Bar and intercooler mount done. upper radiator support bar (removable) done. just need to make the tabs for the upper intercooler mounts and the radiator mounts. Then on to the turbo hot side.
  18. I used -16 for the RB setup and had not issues with cooling. will this size not work with the truck motor?
  19. That was the pic from where I bought it. forgot to take pics. Came with instructions and 2 different o rings.
  20. Drivers side plugs are gonna be a BIATCH! !!! Will be easier to pull header to get at plugs. Also stock wire will not work. Will need some serious heat protection for the boots also.
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