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  1. Before the build i wasn't even starting to build any boost till 5500rpm. Now I'm getting 10 PSI at 4600 and full boost (12 psi right now) at 5200!!! Im, hoping with some more tuning i can get it going a little earlier and N20 will be a thing of the past ;> https://youtu.be/3z_CA2RI2R0
  2. Well considering I can go to just about any of the five pick in polls in my area and grab a long block for a hundred and fifty bucks... That's cheaper than in RB
  3. I know I know. It's all in the interest of cheaper speed.
  4. well finally making the leap to the 2j side. rb is if sale. only reason is I came across a steal of a deal on a complete 2j that I couldn't pass up.
  5. Granted this has a different down pipe but here is an example of what i mean by more angry. Exact same build, only difference is gas type. Gas (106 unleaded) https://youtu.be/A42jkjinJO4 Vs e85 https://youtu.be/qu_HpSQ6rms
  6. Using bosche 1600. When i say angry i just meant its louder and more loapy. With e85 it seems to run quieter and idle smoother.
  7. Well got the 91 Oct tune close. 18 Psi feels real good. the reg gas sounds so much different then the E85. Much angrier at idle.
  8. It goes either way.... comparing stock to stock is apple and oranges. to get a rb25 to what a rb26 can do with just a boost controller kind of evens out the price point. If you get into pistons rods and head work start out with a cheaper rb25 as with comparable mods I have seen rb25s put down some serious number's. but lets understand that neither are cheap. I know this is an rb thread and I bleed RB, but I have said it many times. if it ever fails catastrophically I'm going GM 4.8 with twin 76s
  9. Drag racing a street cruising. Should see in excess of 750 to the wheels. in a 2300 lb car.... that is fun.
  10. You can see my exhaust leaning against the wall in this pic ;>
  11. Looking at doing a side pipe.
  12. Haha your funny.... its a straight downpipe with 4 in Dia staight muffler that is about 6 inches long. It dumps right after the front wheel. Entire thing is about 2.5 feet long
  13. Initial break in done. Idles perfect from initial startup to operating temps at 850- 900 rpm. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eya5yDBnH1I&feature=youtu.be
  14. Yes stock Mech. 680 cc injectors, 15 PSI stock turbos. was making 390 to the wheels.
  15. Mechanically stock, 680cc injectors, 15 psi on stock turbos and SDSEFI. was at 392 rwhp.
  16. Yea That's the e85. Idles totally different on gas.
  17. Its snappier for sure. May be because of no converter yet.... but last time i started it up like this it for sure sounded lazier. Rings are good so far no smoke. I did the math on the 1000CC to 1600cc injector upgrade and made the changes in the AEM. damn thing started right up like nothing ever happened. !!!!! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/qu_HpSQ6rms" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. Well 2. One warning then boot after second pass
  19. It ties into the cage/frame after it goes thru the rear sheet metal.
  20. 1 squish removed and head decked 2mm. All clearances are good. I got ahead of myself and forgot to cc the head.
  21. So stock impression is 8.5:1 that's with .9mm headgasket. I had a 1.2mm with normal compression hks pistons so my guess my comp was lower then stock. Now I'm just above stock. I'm guessing (based on all calc) will be about 10.1. On e85 this should wake it up considerable off boost.
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