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  1. Any tricks to not messing up and having to redo like you said?
  2. Do you have any updates or photos on this? Need a new booster and wanting to upgrade to a bigger unit.
  3. Fair enough! I can wait if others want a better price as well since I don't have my vehicle back yet. Otherwise I'd do a set of tacked for that price!
  4. What specific parts are the inner tie rods and the steering rack? Will the same one work for left hand drive?
  5. Who made the axles, how long are they and how much were they? I would like to do this swap when the mounts get made!
  6. What is the process for determining the length of a custom length axle shaft? Bolt everything up and take a tape measure to it (similar to measuring a driveshaft)?
  7. I have not been able to find any pics of the following so I have a few questions and please excuse my ignorance: 6. Would this run along the outside of the upper radiator bracket? or just on top of the lower one? 11. Is this just a matter of welding some sort of bracket like so? http://www.racingonthecheap.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/2009-10-02-037-Small.jpg 13. Would you weld an "L" bracket from the engine frame rail to the fender wall (inside of engine bay) all the way up to the top of the strut tower? or something similar on the inside of wheel well/strut tower.
  8. looks like i'm not the only one who had some difficulties. I tried putting like 6 screwdrivers near the top to pry back the edging of the rubber. Looks like i'm gonna have to go crazy on the top part to push it through. thanks for your responses.
  9. Quick question, on my '70 i'm having troubles getting the stubborn thing out. I removed the screws at both ends. Is it supposed to be pulled up or down. From the bottom i saw thick bendy rings in the tube that made me think it won't be able to be pulled up, and the top edge is hard plastic that is impossible to pull through the hole. Help is appreciated.
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