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External Wastegate Dump Tube


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In the process of making my downpipe and had a question. Right now it would be easiest for me to just run a section of straight pipe between the wasegate outlet and the downpipe. The dump tube would come into the downpipe at a 90 degree angle (dump tube is perpendicular to the downpipe). My question is from a fluids standpoint, how bad is this for flow out of the exhaust turbine? Will this have a significant impact on performance compared to routing the dump tube into the downpipe where they "Y" together smoothly? (Dump tube and downpipe are closer to parallel and blend together)





Stock exhaust manifold


T3-T3 adaptor with 38mm wastegate port between turbo and manifold

38mm external wastegate.

3 inch downpipe

1.5 inch dump tube



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I've heard it's "bad", and that's about it. Corky Bell also says it's "bad". I'd take his advice and angle it in. Plus it will look like a wastegate to downpipe connection instead of some boiler system.

Do they make mufflers for 1.5 inch pipe? haha

Yeah, I've seen some on Summit. I thought about the same thing you have.

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I have yet to run this setup as my car is in pieces, but talking with Austin(240hoke) who made this downpipe, I recall he was very pleased with the results. This is his old setup including the turbo and downpipe. I had my stock manifold modified to match the tial 38mm wastegate to the small pipe. He has a video on here somewhere of the car making some pulls both from inside and out. I know that does not definitely answer your question, just showing what some others have done.

post-736-063636800 1317005645_thumb.jpg

post-736-066746900 1317005658_thumb.jpg

post-736-022431000 1317005672_thumb.jpg

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Yeah, thats all I bought. One 180 degree 3 inch, 6 inch bend radius sounds right.


My downpipe was in some ways much simpler than others would be. I have my holset spaced out about 3 inches to the drivers side of the engine so the routing is much easier. I don't have the transmission in the way like the normal position of the turbo. Ill try to get some pictures of the downpipe installed.

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Thats the only one I have, not around the car to take pictures.


I havent spent alot of time on it but I am having issues with controlling my boost, it is creeping way above what the spring says it should. I dont know if its another problem, who knows.

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