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Datsun 1200 ex GT-5


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I am restoring this 1200 that has a long racing history. I have log books since 1976, and it appears to have never been registered for the street. Currently in rough shape, but it's all there. Last raced in SCCA GT-5. I plan on running it in vintage and also time trials. I'm currently working on the body. I'll post more pics when it's painted.

post-274-031158900 1339004624_thumb.jpg

post-274-031652900 1339004634_thumb.jpg

post-274-009764700 1339004649_thumb.jpg

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Just in case you hadn't seen any of my previous posts about sliders for leaf springs, you might want to check them out assuming they're legal. Reduces stiction, locates the axle a lot better, rear end doesn't stinkbug when you hit the brakes, really really nice improvement when I autoxed my pickup way back when. I had mine on weight jacks too. Sorry if you've seen post from me this 20 times... ;)



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Hi Jon,


The car essentially has the same suspension as described in the document attached below. In addition it also has a horizontal control rod to keep the diff from moving side to side. I' not changing anything in the suspension until I drive it first. Lots of work to do before that happens....


It's a pretty neat car with all the period correct goodies.


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