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mistah mofro

carbed 2jz?

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Hello hybridz folks i was wondering if anyone has triple carbed a 2j before. Im planning on picking one up this coming winter/spring and maybe trading my mikunis 40's for larger 45-50's also would run a better ignition system for the 2j.I would only run it with carbs until i gain the funds to go turbo/efi in future. I would assume i would be able to use the stock z harness with according mounting hardware.


Any input appreciated

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I would more than likely try to run mikuni 40-50's with a megajolt or msd ignition of some sort

Factory fuel injection and computer on a n/a 2jz would easier and cheaper. You could use the stock 2jz harness for the motor. I think there was less than 10 wires to hook up when I started my 2jzgte on a stand.That included the fuel pump. Memory is fading tho :)

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