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Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges


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Took a look at the gauges today. They're put together pretty nicely. My only complaint is probably that the logos I gave them could have been smaller. It may be their printing process and limitations to resolution but edges of the logos are 'jaggy' for lack of a better explanation. I think once they're in the car I wouldn't ever notice, honestly.


I spent a few minutes shortly after opening the box mocking/fitting the gauges in a spare dash I have in the basement. The 2-5/8" gauges WILL sit on/in the factory gauge pods if that's what a person wants to do. The threaded ring that comes on these gauges will hold them in place, and other than taking the stock pods apart, removing the 'glass' and guts and putting them back together, there isn't really any required work here. You COULD alternatively mount them in 50 mm PVC/ABS pipe if you didn't want to use the stock pods. When I say 'stock pods', you'll need three clocks, or some skill with a dremel to knock out the tabbed face on the split gauges. I'd say a wrap or two of some felt ribbon or similar fabric to fill in any void between the speedhut bezel and the dash cut-out would hide any gaps if using just pipe, like I think I will.


That said... the tach and speedo may be a bit more of a challenge. I see why some people go with the 4" gauges for the sake of just mounting them inside the factory pods. IMO, removing the 'glass' again would leave a gap between the plastic piece that holds it in place, and the main bezel/trim.


I was under the impression that the 4.5" gauges would sit further ahead and would make it easier to push the buttons on the gauges, and avoid that gap I'm speaking of. With all of that in mind, that stock housing i'm playing with right now (from a '70 Z speedo), is too small to fit the bezel of this gauge inside of it, without sitting in the rear portion. I cannot press the speedhut tach into the bezel very far, and there is about a 1/8" gap on the sides, while the top and bottom fit TIGHT. How people are fitting these 'in front' of the stock location is beyond me unless they have built their own bezels.


I may try a larger diameter ABS/PC pipe to see if I can work something out that still looks stock-ish. So far, it's looking like a person needs to mill off the back of the stock steel housings, and mount the gauges in them as they do with the 4" gauges, OR, not use the steel gauge pod, and just press fit the new gauges into the old bezel with some double sided tape.


Hopefully I figure something out or come across what someone else has done to avoid this.


Speedhut sells a 4.5" gauge to 5" hole adapter ring for $30 USD a piece that looks like this once installed. I'll try some 4" PVC/ABS caps/couplers/pipe before commiting to that. ID of those should be around 4.25-4.50" and ~5.00 OD.


It's -20C here, the car is kinda tucked away and was damaged a couple of weeks ago so I won't be taking it out anytime soon. If anything it's just begging me to fix it and paint it now. Luckily with 4 dashes and a couple of wiring harnesses I should be able to get this figure out - out of car before then. I may not be able to provide an illuminated view for a while.


Here are a couple of links i've come across. I'm currently looking for the thread where someone explains in detail the bushings/fittings required to adapt the Speedhut pressure and temp sensors over. Anyone?


2-5/8" in stock pods

2-5/8" in 50 mm pipe

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I'm out working in the field again, but I'll look into it. For what'll be over $100 CAD, I can probably source something that will work better for me.


I picked up some 5" OD couplers for 4" ABS pipe and the 4.5" gauges sit PERFECTLY inside of them, but they are also too large to fit inside of the dash openings. Those rings are showing a 5.20" OD, so they're too large for the hole. The link I posted of the fella who used them must have used a custom ring or smaller ring that Speedhut hasn't listed.


I'll get the ID/OD calipers out next time I'm home over xmas-ish. If I can find a similar PVC coupler, I may try that, painted black. The wall thickness should be a little smaller so it may deform easier, or I could put a relief cut on one side to help it conform. This ABS plastic is pretty burly.


I should probably start a built thread for this once I get it figured out to stop flooding this thread... Though any 4.5" guys may be interested. IMO, the 50 mm platic pipe mod and 2 5/8" gauges are a solid WIN for a speedhut conversion.


That said, the 'speedhut series' can be found in 2 -1/16" and are WAY less expensive. Like half the price.

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Speedhut now offers a 5 1/2" gauge.


Fortunately we had OrangeTang talk a bit more about how everything fits in the dash.  I'm under the impression that the 5 1/2's will fit on the dash like the 2 5/8's.


Who wants to be the guinea pig?  Special discount for those who want to try it!

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