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Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges


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Hey everyone!  I am sorry I haven't been on HZ in so long!  I am still actively selling the gauges, it's been some time since I've been on here, but I am still selling gauges.  PLEASE let me know you found me via Hybrid Z, and I will continue to donate.  I still work at the same shop, so the information is STILL the same!




Hey guys, I know I'm relatively new to the boards, I am a new Z owner and I see a lot of people looking to purchase the Speedhut gauges. At my company we are becoming a Speedhut gauge dealer, and right now we're offering a discount on their gauges!

For instance, what seems to be the most popular is the Revolution 4" with turns and high beam indicator:

I can also sell the gauge kits they offer on their website for a bit cheaper also.

PM me what you're looking for, payment can be taken via Paypal (though if you paypal, it will have to go through my personal) or you can call me and I can do card over the phone.

If you're interested, either email, call, or post on the thread, and I can definitely see what I can do on pricing. The first initial batch of gauges will go out at the beginning of next month, and if popular enough, I would like to run this group buy for a month. The more gauges you order, the deeper the discount!

The shop I work for
our information is
3310 E. Veterans Memorial BLVD
Killeen, TX 76543



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Hey guys that I'm waiting on deposits still, there's already a few people who have already deposited money. Speedhut is allowing me to let orders trickle in so it's still not too late. Also if you decided that you can't make the group buy just let me know so I don't keep everyone else waiting. The biggest thing is that they are shipping the orders to me (no drop ship unfortunately) then I will send it out after the rest is paid.


Guys who have sent deposits, if you didn't order with logos, your orders *should* be filled up first. Also keep in mind that the rest of the money is coming out of my own pocket to get everything rolling. Please don't screw me :( The biggest fear I have is someone ordering the gauges with a deposit then leaving me with the tab. These gauges are non-refundable so I'll be stuck with them until I can sell them.


Thanks everyone for making this possible!


If this turns out well (which I feel that it should), I'll try to run another one of these group buys at a later date.


Guys, you don't have to reach me solely via PM, you're more than welcome to call or email me too!



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A lot of orders have been rolling in guys!  Most orders are placed with me via email, so if you PM me, give me a little more time since i'm not able to check HZ as much as my email.


My most recent delivered order comes from Daz




"I recieved my Speedhut gauges today and I'm so happy with everything ,they are Awesome !!!


ihiryu, hooked me up with some huge savings from Speedhut and handled everything ! All I did was tell him what I wanted and he did the rest at a great price(I got a programmable speedo w/turn signals and custom text, Tach w/shiftlight and custom text). I post pics after work tonight !


Speedhut took roughly about 3 weeks to make everything the way I want its weel worth the wait !


My man ihiryu is a good guy with great communication and I recommend him if you want some speedhut gauges or anything else !"

As always, I'm here to help you guys with whatever you need, as HZ has helped me with building my dream car, I'm motivated to help you guys as well.  If you guys have any ideas on what y'all may want, let me know I'll do my absolute best to help you out!

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For some reason, I've got an influx of people hitting me up.


Yes this group buy is going on for ALL ETERNITY.  Or until I die, or speedhut closes.


And since someone asked me this;


Yes, if you want to gather a few people locally to you, I can put you guys on one big order, however this is a stipulation.  That stipulation is, the orders go in at the same time, and SHIP to the same place.  I can take payment separately, but IDEALLY, I'd like to take it all at once since it makes me ten times easier for me.

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