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Group Buy on SpeedHut Gauges


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  • 3 weeks later...

Those who ordered gauges from me a few weeks ago should have gotten tracking numbers from me today.  The last person who placed an order hasn't shipped yet. 


Also two of the three orders were from TX, so I might have accidentally swapped your tracking numbers.  

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I've been playing with graphics today for a gauge order.


For AFR, I have an innovate DLG-1 with a dual AFR display (for each header bank) in the clock location right now, the rest remain stock. Of the 5 aux gauges, I'm OK with abandoning the volts and clock, leaving a Fuel, Oil Press and Coolant Temp, in the tri-cluster. That said I'm on the fence about the dual fuel/speedometer option, letting me gain something like oil temp. I'll probably mount the AFR gauge under dash, pillar or mid console by the receiver.


Probably going with white on black with either white or red illumination and white needle, red illumination.


Dave doesn't really have a decent logo on his website that I can find, so I made up a modern looking Rebello Racing logo I kind of want to have on the Tach, since it's the soul of the car. The other designs are just stock emblems from my car. The Datsun and 240Z emblem.


Any thoughts? There is a sexy as f*** Austin Healey set I found on google, but can't find the image now. Illuminated emblem looked really good.







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Ok I hope I did this right. Its a huge pain in the ass to post pictures on this site. This is the install of my 4.5 tach and my 2 side gauges. They all are mounted in the old factory gauge bezels. I'm not really happy with how I mounted the tach, but I'll redo it this winter.







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