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Found some ignition coil packs from a VW that actually fit under the coil pack covers. They also don't need the adapter plates. They are more expensive though since I need to import them. Not sure what will end up being more affordable in the end.


I'd highly rec that you stay far away from VW ign. coils . I've replaced way too many of them at our shop , they're junk . Nissan coils are pretty good except for Maxima ( late 90s and early 2000s ) .

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The all the VH coils have +/- 20 years of wear on them. This makes for a less powerful spark. They only put out 21kV to begin with. The Audi/VW coils put out 30kV from what I've researched. I have a friend who is putting down over 400 awhp in is S4 using the same coils. He's had no issues thus far. I was reading up and VW has a recall out for some of their coils. I'm thinking they know there was an issue and got it fixed with the newer ignition coils. I'm going to take a look at some other coils as well, like 350z ones. 

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Made some progress on the Z this weekend. Got the fenders and hood in place. All the gaps are perfect and square. Passenger side fender it in primer... installed the hood pins, anad repaired all the dings in the hood. Started fitting the side skirts. Hopefully the front end will get done this week!

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