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Hey fella's,


I'd like to introduce myself and my project. I am transforming my 1990 Nissan 300ZX N/A from completely stock to a VH45 monster. I plan on having this car my model car for the custom VH parts I am selling. Custom parts that I have already designed are: intake flanges, engine mounts, and throttle body plates. I am still working on the oil pan flange as well as the custom intake manifold and transmission adapter plate. I also have some other odd's-n-ends on my website.



'91 VH45DE rebuilt to stock specs

PerformanceVH Z32 Engine Mount Kit

PerformanceVH Intake Manifold

Custom Top Feed Fuel Rail

36# (370cc) Bosch Injectors

PerformanceVH Rear Sump Oil Pan

Custom Headers



'90 Z32 N/A 5-Speed

Chromoly Lightweight Flywheel

Short-Throw Shifter



SRT-8 Front Brembo Calipers

SRT-8 Steel Braided Hoses

370Z Nismo Front Rotors

370Z Nismo Rear Rotors

N/A Front Calipers adapted to Rear 



Urethane Bushings

Powertrix SS Coilovers

Powertrix Adjustable Arm Kit



Wingswest Front Urethane Bumper

TBO Sideskirts

TwinZ Type II Rear Bumper

TwinZ Roof Spoiler

Winfactory CSL-R Spoiler

Night Garage Style Rear Fender Flares


Wheels: Varrstoen 2.2.1. Matte Black

Front: 18x9.5

Rear: 18x10.5


That's just a small parts list off the top of my head. Here are some pictures of my progress so far.















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Removed the rear subframe today, getting ready for a complete overhaul. Ordering the energy suspension master kit, saving up for Powertrix's lovely N/A rear arms kit. Take the diff. cover off and take some measurements. Stitch weld the subframe, powder coat, and throw her back in... eventually! Swapping out the N/A diff for a Q45, along with the axles, and hubs. I'm pretty sure I'll have to use a Z32 TT driveshaft.




TwinZ Type II Bumper Test Fit!



I also disassembled my SRT-8 front brembo calipers so they can get powder coated. 

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Test fit the front wheels with the brake calipers bolted up. I have to space the wheel out 5mm to get the spokes to clear the caliper. Still will be able to keep the stock fenders without modification or camber. Just a slightly narrower tire. I'll get some Nismo wheel studs then. 





Next I'm going to start disassembling the rear subframe.
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Thank's mate, I think there should be a Nissan engine section for "pure bred" Z's lol not just "others"


It doesn't bother me any though, no worries, more updates to come! Right now I'm knee deep in refurbishing the rear subframe assembly, Swapping in a 97 Q45 rear diff (3.69) All new suspension arms, poly bushings replacing every piece of rubber. Also moving my front calipers to the rear to clamp down on some 370z Nismo rotors. More pictures soon!

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Got all the rubber bushings pushed out of the spindles, rear sub frame, and the arms I'm going to be reusing. Sending everything out to be powdercoated this week. Got some misc brackets back from powdercoating as well. Once I have everything back I can get the front and rear suspension back together. Then off to my buddies bodyshop to finish shaving the engine bay and paint! 






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Well this weekend I was able to get the passenger side wheel well refinished and undercoated, also made some progress with the engine bay. Removing paint, and rust. Got all the rust removed and surfaces treated. Just have to remove a little more paint on the firewall and the engine bay will be ready for paint!





It's such a tedious process! I can't wait until the body work is done!
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Thanks guys! Got more progress made this weekend. Engine bay is 99% complete. Just need to finish the lower radiator support. Got the driver side wheel well treated and painted. Used a can of Eastwood internal frame coating on the passenger side frame rail, have to re-weld the frame rail since the rust has been treated. 




Got the solid rear bushings installed on the subframe, and installed the diff. More pictures soon! Got my WW urethane bumper in today! So excited to get home and unwrap it! The Z is soon ready to be hauled off to the bodyshop!

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Solid diff. bushings installed 

Y33 w/ Z32 yoke diff. installed





Godspeed Suspension Arms

Stillen Sway Bar

Every bushing replaced ES. Bushings

New lower ball joints





Got my Wings West Urethane bumper in today. Just waiting on the TwinZ roof spoiler, then I will have all the exterior pieces.



Next, bolt the suspension back on, sit the engine in, mock up the rear sump oil pan...
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Sorry, moved those pictures... Here are the updated links


Quick update:


Wheel spacers came in today for the rear.



Well, I finally got the flat patterns in for the oil pan! No time to waste! Start welding! 






Made some more progress on the pan tonight.





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