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I've been making some small progress with the Z. Have a few other spring projects going on at the moment.


I was able to install some gold foil tape from DEI on the hood and firewall to keep the heat out. It came out pretty good. The foil tape does not have any stretch at all and was a pain to install on the hood.




Next I need to get the steering rack modified for manual steering, and then the clutch & brake master cylinders installed along with the hard lines.

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Hey guys! Sorry for not keeping you all up to date! I made a career change and I don't sit in front of a computer all day anymore. So in the past few weeks I have made some very good progress on the car.

I put the engine back together and spray painted the block with 2K epoxy primer and 2K Titanium Metallic. Stuff works amazing! From now on that's how I am going to paint engines. It dries super hard and doesn't chip up when you tighten bolts down. Nasty stuff so make sure to use a respirator.





I Finally made a set of engine mounts for myself! Also modified the oil filter housing to accommodate -12AN fittings for the filter housing/thermostat.  

Finally dropped the engine in!


I modified a Nissan Rogue manual steering rack to fit into the Z subframe. It works amazing! 255's on epoxy floors with the engine in and I can turn it with my left hand. It's tough but much easier than the Z32 steering rack with no P/S.


I found a Non-Cruise Control OEM 3spoke steering wheel center section. I couldn't be happier with how it looks!

Next I need to get the braking system in, then I can start to figure out how I am going to run the exhaust. I am going to have to run the steering shaft between the headers. Should be interesting!

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Hey, love the 45, and your choice of color and bolt kit makes that thing look like it was pulled out of a jdm race bike or something. Spot on. I had a question about your brake setup, are those srt8 rear calipers? I ask because I broke a bleeder on my brother-in-laws srt8 jeep and couldn't believe how cheap you can get refurbished brembo 4-pots for and thought they would be a great size to up the s30's front braking power.

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