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Need Help to fit Bilstein P30-0032 on my 280z...

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You will need a spacer underneath the bilstein so that you can tighten up the nut on top. If you are going to shorten the strut housings, now is the time. Use a spacer in the rear, even if you're going to shorten the housings. If you don't the rear of the car will be way too low. In the FAQ section there are some threads on sectioning struts that will help with that part of it.

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You don't have to shorten the strut, but if you want the car lowered then it's probably a good idea.


The rear strut housing should be 2" or 5cm longer than the front. You can section the front all the way down to where there is no spacer at all if you want and run a 5cm spacer in back, or you could run a 3cm spacer in front and an 8cm spacer in back. It depends on how low you want to go.

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The inserts that you have are much shorter than the housings. You can shorten the housing to match, or you can use a full length spacer and run the housings at the stock length, or you can use a shorter spacer and take less out of the strut. The stock rear Z struts are 2" or 5cm longer than the fronts. You have to use a spacer in the back, otherwise your rear end will be way too low.

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Thanks Johnc!


I understand why shorten the strut now! :icon12:


But it's difficult for me to understand the complete explication to shorten the strut...


So the other problem is to find gland nuts to fit 280z...


Do you think that there is a solution in this topic: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/98897-step-by-step-coilover-conversion/


Step 12 to 14...

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He's from Belgium, there may be a language barrier.  English is not primary.



Step 14. Using the round file, file the inside of the carrier down until the damper body can fit through it easily.


The "damper body" is the "shock body".  It's the Bilstein.  The hole in the center of the "female carrier" is apparently too small to fit over the body of the Bilstein.  A tool (round file) is used to make the hole bigger.



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