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JTR Headers - Spark Plug Wires

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Ok, I just burned through another 3 spark plug wires after I thought I finally addressed the issue.  I used the MSD adjustable wires with DEI boots and DEI aluminized shielding and they still burned through after 5000 miles.


It is very noticeable when they burn through as the car runs and sounds like crap due the the wires arcing on the JTR headers.


So I ask those of you who are running the JTR headers (not the JCI as they are smaller), what have you done to address the plug wire clearance issue on the two center wires on the drivers side as well as the front wire on the passenger side?  The passenger side wire was probably my fault for not giving it the proper clearance as there is room, but the drivers side will damn near always rest again the header.





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There are a couple of things you can do. One is you can wrap the headers with the heat wrap. This works reasonably well, but it will shorten the life of your headers as the trapped moisture will cause them to corrode over time. The other option is to make your own using plug wires with ceramic boots.  I ended up going with a header wrap, standard boot plugs, and putting the plug heat shield stuff around the plug boot, and haven't had a problem since.

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I hate to say it, but misery loves company.  I am very happy to hear that I am not the only one burning up plug wires like crazy.


Keith, I've used the MSD adjustable wires as well and they burn up too.  The issue I have is the thickness of the insulator, even when bent, combined with the proximity of the plug means that the insulator is resting (or within 1 mm) on the header.


Thanks for the honest responses all.

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Re post #6 - http://www.amazon.com/ACCEL-9002C-Extreme-Universal-Ceramic/dp/B001OD2OM4/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top


Spendy in the short run but long-term might be worth the money. 


I just about bought those a week ago, but then I read on the product description that they provide heat protection at 1/2-in. away from the header.  The issue I have is two of the wires rest on, or within a millimeter or two, of the header.


I know you can buy individual wires as well and may go that route just to test.  Thanks for the link.

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Are you using the coated version of the headers?  If not that's your solution.  I run coated headers with the stock ls1 wires and have had zero issues over 5 years and 40+ track (road course) days. A couple of the wires are just barely clear of the headers - like a mm or two, and the one that actually touches the header I wrapped in very thin insulated foil (also from the Camaro parts car).  These wires are the original wires with the metal boot that came with the '02 Camaro parts car that had 40k miles when I got it and I'm still using the same 11 year old oem wires and they still look new.



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I've been wondering how to protect my Magnacor wires and even with the 90 degree bends, there are 2 plug boots that just touch the header.  (with the JTR ceramic coated headers)  Frustrating that they even make them that way!!


I had a friend who burnt his wires all the time with the SBC 400 in his 240Z and went with the Jacobs wires with ceramic boots and they lasted many years, track days, etc. even sitting right on the header.



I wonder if these sleeves are a viable option or not?


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