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Seat Swap


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Based on info I've read about 240Z seat replacements, I bought a nice set from a 2005 Honda Civic.

After removing the Honda mounts leaving only the rails I positioned them on the Z mounts. They sit too high

and would require modifying the existing mounting lower as my head is against the roof. They do fit although

they are a bit bigger than the stock Z seats.


Would like to know anyone else's experience putting different seats into their Z.



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I'll respond because I've never seen anybody with my seats. Someone gave me a pair of seats that's came out of a 2013 Mustang GT. They came with huge brackets on the bottom that made them go up and down lean forward and back. The reclining functions were all done with a standard lift handle though and sliding forward and back were the same as well. I pulled off the brackets and their is a metal brace on the bottom of the seats. I was able to bolt my stock z brackets to the bottom of the seats and then mount them in the car. The driver side fits perfect but the passenger side is a little close to the door. The other con is that there are some switches built into the seat that do not work. I actually have them out of the car right now doing some painting and electrical work but if you're interested. I'll take some pictures when I put them back in later today.

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