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Where is windtunnel data and videos at?

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41 minutes ago, JMortensen said:

I have them posted on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Jon.E.Mortensen

Don't have a lot of time these days. If you (or someone else) wouldn't mind reposting here I would appreciate it.


I can download them and post them but it'll take several edits and lots of reading to make sure they're properly sorted. I think I'll upload them all under a response for now so they're at least available.

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Ohhhh, I see. Unfortunately I can't respond to the topics to post pictures. It's displaying for me but I have a chrome extension fixing it. Photobucket's new pricing model screwed over a lot of people, especially those like use who relied on it for how-tos and write-ups. This is a temporary workaround. The original post should definitely still be edited for the future when this inevitably stops working or photobucket becomes another internet relic. 


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