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I'm setting up my 1975, 280z for a mild track build and canyon carver.


at this point I have replaced all of my bushings, balljoints, front/rear wheel bearings, 1inch bump steer spacers, ground control coilovers (no camber plates), spring rates as follows, 200 front with kyb struts, 225 rear with hp struts, rear 7/8 sway bar, rear strut bar, zx transmission, 3.9 clutch lsd, and 16x7 enkei 92s. I'm looking for a front sway bar and was looking at the msa 1inch bar. any suggestions on a proper sized sway bar I should be using or how tight I should bolt down the end link bushings?


the car will not be lowered anything more that 1 3/4 inch.

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The Suspension Techniques 240z sway bar kit (front and rear) is what I normally use on any s30 and what is normally recommended here on these forums. I am installing the same on a '75 280z currently.


Here's a couple of good threads for reference: 



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There was a better option that want all the way around with holes up top as well as the bedding post, but I can't seem to find it.


Alternatively you could run the pdk style, drill out the holes completely to 1/2 inch, put in 1/2 inch tubes that end up flush with the bottom of the rail and run a top and bottom plate.

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