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Weld in Camber Plates Cover

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Hi I have the Arizona Z Car coilovers in the front  and back. I'm trying to make my interior a little quieter. The wind noise from the holes in the top of the plates has started to bother me.  Has anyone figured out a way to cover them up to reduce the interior noise?  I tried to use the factory black covers but they don't completely cover the holes. I'm open to suggestions.





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I just finished my coilover installation and have only driven it a few miles. Already it sounds like the entire trunk has been ripped off even with all doors closed, since those rear strut tower tops are completely open with the camber plates. You can hear all the wind/tire noise even at like 30mph.


I don't want a "race car". I would love to insulate against some of the sound. I haven't tried to put the plastic covers on yet, but I imagine they won't be enough. I will experiment with what I can stuff over it to muffle the noise. This is probably the biggest (and only) negative to my coilover installation so far.


For some reason I don't have a pic of the back, but you can imagine it looks a bit like this for now:





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