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I recently was back in the states rejuvenating a 66 T-Bird with an FI-Tech EFI conversion. It's like Atomic EFI, one of those with the computer and everything in the four barrel body.
I was VERY impressed at the build quality and utility of their 'Command Center 2' fuel surge tank. It's got gauges, nice fittings, submerged fuel pump, and was really easy to put into place.

For all the hassle of making up a dumb tank that is just a swirl pot, this one has a pump that will support 600 hp and a matched pump for the back of the car to push the fuel up to it from a carbed tank...quiet quiet quiet too! it's at Jegs and Summit, around $395. The difference in this thing is that it LOOKS like it's supposed to be under the hood. In the T-Bird it looked like a piece of A/C Gear. They have a dual-pump surge tank, and a regular surge tank ($299) which also have a nice, finished OEM Look to them. The return fitting is absolutely genius, being an aluminum threaded bung with a crush sleeve, drill a hole in your tank, slip the sealing washer in place, tighten the bolt and it pulls up the bottom of the fitting tight against your tank (or fuel filler neck...) tightly similar to how a pop-rivet or nutzert works, remove the bolt once tight, and screw in your AN fitting! Easy as falling over!



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Forgot to mention the return T thingamajig!
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