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Serious l28 high horsepower build


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On 1/31/2020 at 3:13 AM, seattlejester said:

Twin turbo and twin injectors are a bit out dated lately. Has it been a while since you have looked into tuning? Times have kind of moved on with more advanced ECU's that can handle large CC injectors at low idle, something like the 750cc you will most likely require shouldn't need a smaller injector for idle or anything of that nature. Twin rear mount on an inline 6 just seems gratuitous. A modern single turbo will have adequate spool characteristics or you can cheat with a QSV, but running two same sized turbos ala FD RX7, TT Supra, or the TT subaru that spool one then both at different times is quite a chore when modern compressor housings, twin scroll, QSV and such will bring most to a more than usable power bound. Most rear turbo setups are due to proximity of a rear mount engine, space, laziness, or style. Engine is in the front, you have ample space, the fabrication to mount the intercooler back there and the ducting to bring it back forward would indicate no lack of effort, so short of style it seems kind of silly.


Echoed above, find the ecu the shop or shops around you will tune on unless you have a tuner or plan on doing it yourself.

At this point I’ve decided on going for the way it looks, I just like the thought of doing things different, more of just me wanting to do dumb stuff in reality. At this point I’m not quiet sure what I’m deciding on doing lol.

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Isn't it "easy" to reach 350whp? But once you are getting into 600whp it's very complicated and expensive. Just reading about what JeffP is doing is crazy, custom head gasket and all kinds of things.


if less then 350whp then L28ET. If more than 450whp then swap something in (like an LS).




Focus everything on intercooler, engine mangement, good turbo and piping.


I don't know enough to comment about forged vs non-forged pistons, but I know Datsun Spirit sells any sized pistons you want. (I think it's rebranded wiseco pistons)



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I built a 400 hp L28 before. In the 90’s. Things have changed a lot.You are going to need custom pistons call a piston manufacturer of choice. I would shoot for 9-9.5 compression. Have the head ported and Polish. Get a good turbo cam. Single turbo in the 67-72 mm area. There a company making a nice intake. Get it. Make headers forget about using the factory cast one at that power level. A good ecu and use single injectors.

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On 1/30/2020 at 2:53 PM, Tyris825 said:

I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’m trying to get around 500 to 600 witch I feel is pushing it with the l28, but I’m new to the l28, so I’m not sure what’s been done before.


A 350whp L28ET is a sub $5k endevor, and most of that is spent making it perform nicely versus just getting to the number. You can get to the number with an ebay turbo and a junkyard engine.


Getting to 600whp is probably a $20k endeavor realistically. JeffP has thrown away more blocks because of not meeting his specs/needs than I've probably owned datsuns... You need a good block, it needs heavy cooling mods, careful attention to detail when building, good headwork by someone familiar with the platform, and then all the right supporting mods on the turbo and induction system.


That said, I bet I could do about 700whp for pretty cheap if it was just a drag racing motor. Concrete and nitro does wonders...

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Sounds like an awesome project. If I were building a high horsepower 280zx I would get the following.

1. CP Pistons, Carrilo Rods

2. High strength forged Valves, Valve Springs

3. Custom Intake manifold This one is just 😲! https://protunerz.com/collections/intake-manifolds/products/l-series-datsun-nissan-intake-manifold-fuel-rail-throttle-body

4. Custom exhaust headers

5.Injector dynamic injectors 

6. Delete distributor, install crank angle sensor https://protunerz.com/collections/plug-and-play-harness/products/datsun-l-series-crank-pulley-with-trigger-wheel-mount-and-cas-sensor

7. Install coil on plugs with igniters https://www.diyautotune.com/product/ign-1a-race-coil/

8. Buy a MS3Pro Ultimate ( If you've never used a tuner program, Tuner Studio is a great program to learn on)

9. Run custom AR lines, a nice FPR, High flow Fuel Pump, Custom Fuel Rail.

10. Tremec TKO 600 (Modified Bell Housing, Custom Made Throw Out Bearing, 1987 300zx rear differential R200

11. Garret t3/t4 or a t/4 t/4 (more info on this can be found at this amazing 280zx high horsepower build. Go and check this guys page out http://www.angelfire.com/extreme/280zxt/, he

has done incredible modifications

12. 3" Piping all the way back

With your bored out engine this would get you nice high horsepower build

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