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  1. I built a 400 hp L28 before. In the 90’s. Things have changed a lot.You are going to need custom pistons call a piston manufacturer of choice. I would shoot for 9-9.5 compression. Have the head ported and Polish. Get a good turbo cam. Single turbo in the 67-72 mm area. There a company making a nice intake. Get it. Make headers forget about using the factory cast one at that power level. A good ecu and use single injectors.
  2. Mrod

    Main hoop dimensions

    Will these measurements fit an 83ZX
  3. Remember we are talking about 1995. There were no Drag Radials back then. I used M T sportsman Pros. Some of the rears I pulled were not really high mileage, some were wreck cars with 40k on the clock. Till this day I don’t understand why I broke so many. Then I see guys posting they went 8 ‘S and have 1000 horses and the rear is holding.
  4. Anyone have the dimensions of the main hoop
  5. I don’t get it. In 95 I had a 77 Z with a Turbo Tom system. Had a ported head and Crower Cam. I use to break Axle Shaft U joint like Crazy. Had a local Machine Shop the cup opening and install some solid u joints. That fix that problem. Next I started breaking the Rear Gear. I would pull 3 or 4 teeth on Ring Gear. I use to go the the local U pick and pull every R200 with 3.90 gear I could find. I must of broken 10 or 12 of them. All were the same broken ring gear. I ended up putting a 9 inch and ladder bars in the car. I would go 1.55-1.57 60ft and run 11.80’s. Never had a problem with the stu
  6. What rear end are you using. Please don’t tell me R200. I have broken to many to count.
  7. I’m on the same boat. I have done A Z swap before. Now I’m doing a ZX and really can’t find info on.
  8. I don’t know how old this thread is but that 17 x 10 looks great. I would love more info on offset and tire size are
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