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New member struggling to build a Z

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Hey All! I'm new, I've been trying to revive a shell for a while and just abandoned it for another shell. What turned out to be a restoration project with the girlfriend ended up a tumultuous path toward a v8 swapped basket case. Follow the build here:


I've been active in Subaru, e30 BMW and Miata communities over the past two decades and have had a history of swapping vehicles. 3 WRX swapped GC's, an s50b30us swapped e30 and even putting GSXR750 forks on a GS500 with a katana rear wheel and hayabusa brakes. My last project was a boosted 450hp Miata that I recently parted out to raise funds towards the Datsun. Here's a trip down memory lane....








It's been a year and a half in my endeavor and I've already had to seek a replacement shell, learned how to throw money down the toilet, and trusted shady vendors to which will keep my money. But despite the negative first impressions, I'm still excited about the car and will just take a scenic route (much like everyone here) toward completion. Current plans are an LS3 with Jenvey ITB's. Still working out which trans but it'll be mated to a 370z diff using the ApexEngineered subframes.


Anyway, I made a project thread but did things out of order. I hope the moderators can move it to the correct section. Looking forward to researching and learning!

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Welcome welome!

I have a soft spot for Miatas, nice to see yours with the hard top. I think we all take the scenic route with these. It's just tough with such an old platform. Can't just toss some performance parts at it and call it good like modern cars. Every piece that you want to improve is a whole endeavor but that's half the fun.

LS with ITBs sounds exciting! Looking forward to the progress.

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Thanks for the warm welcome! It's the first time I did a ground-up build so it'll be nice to form an intimate relation ship with every nut and bolt. Gotta know which ones are tender 😅


I wanted to keep it a little more simple. ITB's aside, there's something to be said for being able to pick up any generic part from a parts store. Something something "stock" reliability. It'll be fun since it's my girlfriends first breakout into cars (she actually decided on the LS3) and I get the suspension and brakes. We're still battling over the trans, but we ha e time.... Body first. 

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