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Slop in passenger rear axle/companion flange splines. 240Z

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When uninstalling/reinstalling the diff, I noticed the passenger side axle companion flange rotated independent of the axle while loosening the bolts.

I could pretty easily rotate it back and fourth by hand a couple degrees or so. The axle nut was still staked in place, but had definitely lost its clamping force.

I could clamp the axle down with a new nut, but with as much play the splines now have, I'm thinking this axle is toast and would be too risky to continue using. Wouldn't want it to snap during a launch.


Does anyone agree?


Is it likely the axle wasn't installed properly? (I have never disassembled the passenger side axle, so I wouldn't know) Should a fresh install with a new nut torqued down to 230+ ft lbs be fine? Would it be wise to inspect the axles after each autocross?


Thanks in advance!



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