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Rear end upgrades


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Hey guys, I have 1980 280zx that I’m putting a LS6 engine with a T56 tranny and I was wondering if I should also replace the whole rear end, or just beef it up the u-joints in the half shafts and put in some upgraded stub axels. If I should just upgrade them, where would be a good place to get those parts? I’m planning on using her as a daily driver with maybe a little street racing in Mexico;) 


What do you guys think would be best?

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I have a very similar setup (ls and t56). I kept the r200 and put quaife internals in and it has taken all kinds of abuse. It's been 10yrs and I just had a pinion bearing go in the diff. It cost about  $500 to have the diff rebuilt with new bearings but that's not too bad. I bought custom stub axles from whitehead performance because I was snapping stub axles. They were pricey and I waited 6months for them but I don't worry about them anymore. And lastly, when I had them made I also had them made to fit 300zxt CV-JOINTS.  That is a good upgrade for half shafts...that's my mods and it has been pretty solid. I drag race a few times a year and abuse it on the street too.

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Replace or not to replace.  The R200 is a little stronger vs the R180.  But there are other choices. It's all about what you can spend.  The R200 with Quaife limited slip is a well-tried choice but costly.  The Driveshaft shop in Salisbury, NC has a reputation for building axles for go-fast cars and they are easy to work with.  They fixed me up when Nissan CD axles would not last long in my road course car.    


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It’s a shame you will be right outside the torque rating for the Subaru R180 LSD swap. It is net 28lbs less than an equivalent R200 LSD. That’s a lot of a spicy meat a balls. 

at this rate I would consider a 2017 mustang GT automatic super 8.8 rear end. It was cast aluminum structure. I weighed it, and it was only 72lbs. That is equivalent to an open R200! 

credit to @Invincibleextremes for that tip. 

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