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R230 Axle assembly: a pictoral review

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While assembling a pair of axles for one of our esteemed members, I thought why not snap some pics while I go through the process? So here goes:


Step one: Get all parts:

2 pairs of Q45 axles

2 new shafts (Speedway Engineering)--Driver's side is slightly shorter.

A can of grease

A couple of rolls of paper shop towels (very messy job)


Step 2:Disassemble the old shafts:

After pulling back the boot, you will find a ring sitting in a groove inside the 'cup'. Scoop it out with a small srewdriver:



Step 3:Rip the guts out and clean away!!



Step 4:: Note the position of the cage. It can only be removed from the shaft after the 'C' clip and the 'hub' has been removed.:



Step 5: And this is what you'll get after cleaning (told you it was a messy job!!)



Step 6:Assemble the new shaft. Be sure to note that there is a machined area on the spline of the hub. That MUST go to the inside of the shaft (opposite side to the 'C' clip), otherwise no hammer in the world will get it on far enough to put the clip on (BTW.. the clip has a rounded edge and a flat edge. Make sure that the flat edge is facing out so that any force pushing on the clip is pushing the clip into the groove). For the first side it's not that important to remember to put on the boot and cage first because you'll have the unassembled side to access the hub, but the second side you will need to be more carefull



Step 7:Finish the assembly and grease it up. The balls will 'pop' in and the cage will hold them in place as long as it's straight. If you 'cokk' (misspelled intentionally otherwise it will come up as 'rooster' :D ) it the balls will fall out. Just hold them in place as you slide the assembly into the 'Cup'. Then slip the retaining ring back in and slide the boot in place and secure with the original clips.



Step 8: This what you get after repeating the process for the other side. A nice new axle and a bunch of trash!!




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No, the J30 CVs are completely different. The bolt pattern is different and they only have 3 balls inside (as opposed to our 2 :D:oops: )


Terry.....tsk tsk tsk....I've posted these several times before....someone hasn't been paying attention :shock::D:wink:



These are actually a set that Mas280 bought from me and installed. I pirate his picture because it looks better than my old one.





EDIT: in addition, I was looking at some other Q45 units in the JY and it appears as though in 1998 the design changed. Not too sure about the internals, but the inner CV cup flanges are no longer threaded. Instead of a bolt threading directly into the CV flange, it is now blank so that a bolt and nut are used....I guess Nissan decided that adding a nut and lock washer was cheaper than threading the CV cup flanges?


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I just wanted to point something out here... One of the big questions we've been dealing with constantly with High HP Zcars has been the rear diff... If we get the motor and trans to hold up to ###Hp, will the rear and axles hold? The R230 is BIGGER than a Ford 9inch rear... The BIG question has been axle resources... I had fully expected to spend $1000 for axles PLUS more for adapters...


Tim has provided a solution for those of us with Hi HP cars, that should allow us the ability to truly exploit that power... Now the limits will be in the round rubber discs we call tires, instead of hard parts that can have dangerous effects when the fail!


Thanks Again Tim, For sourcing the parts, building my set, and not gouging me on price. Although you WILL get a little sumtin sumtin extra for your efforts!

Mike :D:wink::lol:

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What are you doing with the unused Q45 outer cv`s? If you still have them around, I might be interested in them.


If you look in my personal gallery you will get an idea of what/how I`m doing my conversion.


I`m working on aquiring a lathe, and wouldn`t mind having a few spares around for prototypes.

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Here is a ballpark breakdown:

R230 Diff: $200-$300 (1 needed)

Axles (OEM Q45): $80-$100 each (4 needed)

New Axles: $175 each (2 needed) (Speedway Engineering)

Companion flange adapters: $300

Grease: $5 per can (3 or 4 cans needed)

R200 Mustache bar: $50-$150

Redrill R200 mustache bar: $0-$50 (no you cannot redrill it yourself unless you have a slow speed drill press and good quality drill bits----trust me on this one!!!) Take to machine shop. The one I went to did it for free....I had never been there before, but it only took them a couple of minutes with their bigga$$ drill press.


Front diff mount:$pennies if you can fab yourself


Driveshaft: T-56 to R230 = $200 (Cannon Engineering in SoCal)


So best case: $1000

Worst case: $ 1500


I think I have about $600 in my conversion, only because many of the parts were gotten at cost because they were prototype. I also have a VERY VERY good supplier for the Diffs and Shafts from the Q45s. I also get distributor prices from Speedway. If you already have a R200 bar, then you'll be ahead there. I also posted the part numbers for the correct U-joints and new flanges for the driveshaft a while back. I must say that the diff works very nicely.....smooth and always lays double stripes :D

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Also, Shop around... A guy offered is stuff up for sale on ebay for $75...I got his Mustache bar, front mount, drive shaft and a couple small parts for cheap... I traded an R200 LSD for TWO Q45s, a set of custom made U joint axles and some adapters... And I bought the Aluminum mount from a member here for $80...


Parts are out there... Just gotta hunt for them!

Mike 8)

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Denny' date='

I have 6 outers laying around. Gonna be pretty expensive to ship!! and will require a pretty strong box. Have figured a solution to R&R the CVs when it becomes necessary, or will tou make a whole new assembly?




If I get a lathe, I plan to make whole assemblies that can be swapped out as easily as changing the stock outer cv. I would then take the old cores, remove the adaptors for refinishing and reinstallastion onto another joint.

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Guest MistaFosta

Just for everyone's information, there is a Nissan wrecker in Sacramento area that goes by the name of AutoGator. I do a lot of business through them, so it may be a special price for me, but they offered me a Q45 diff for 150 dollars. They've always given me and my nissan friends VERY good prices. I got my last r200 there for 100 bucks.


the phone # is 916-783-5216

or 1800-833-9292

also you can look them up at autogator.com


I dont know if they ship, I've picked everything up from them myself...

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What gear ratios are available in the R230? EDIT: nevermind, I see it has a 4.08 available..sexy :)


I hope you're around this summer; I'll be contacting you about obtaining the machined parts this summer! :) :)

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omg you have over 5000 posts in under 2.5 years. :) Figure out a price for some sort of package and PM me whenever you get it. :) That way I know what I'm working towards.

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