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these adapters/ spacers are custom made to fit any of your needs i might get me a set









Billet Wheel Adapters for Wheels wa_01.gif



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Now this is kinda trick! These are our new billet wheel adapters for your AE86, Datsun 510, or 240Z.

These will allow you to run all the modern wheels on your oldschool cars.

They are 32mm thick and can be made to adapt to just about any bolt patterns including...


4x114.3mm -> 4x100mm

4x114.3mm -> 5x114.3mm

...and many others! Just e-mail us with the bolt patterns you need. Made of 6061 billet aircraft aluminum they come with all the hardware to bolt the adapters onto your hubs. Then you just bolt the new modern wheels you chose right up to these adapters.

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I put on some Enkei RPF1 16x8 +25 wheels today with 15mm spacers (effective +10mm spacing) and the inside rubs on the stock spring perch standing still. I will try first trimming the lower perch then if that doesn't work, I may have to go with coilovers. This is with 225/50R16 hankook tires.


Update: I trimmed the lower perch, and now the tire clears when down or up, but the spring still is about 2-3mm away from the tire. Since this is definitely not enough clearance, I will be checking camber, then maybe converting to coilovers.

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i just bought me a new set of wheels for my s130


they are xxr (sportmax) 513 15x8 0 offset


i have not mounted them yet


i am going to do it this weekend on my lunch break i am gonna ask my service manager if i can mount and balance my tires


i have some new kuhmos on my riken mesh


i am just gonna swap the tires and balance them and mount them on my car


not before checking if they rub


i post pics of them installed
















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oh yeah i got them all for 340 the set




Those are the wheels I'm looking at getting for my early 260z. I'm going to try for the 16x8's. Guy on ebay has them for $329 for 4 and $80 shipping in the lower 48. I live in Canada so a trip to Calais is on my near future.


Please post some pictures once they are installed. They look great.



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I'm in the process of changing my 17"x7 wheels with 15"x7 on my 240z.

I'm still debating for tire size.


Everybody on the board advices to use 225/50-15 which is smaller than stock wheel diameter (195/70-14).

Why don't people choose 225/55-15 instead which would match stock diameter? Can you help me? :)


Is it because of look? Performance (less side wall)? Because actually 225/50-15 is stock diameter? (I've seen 240z with 175/70-14 which is the same diameter as 225/50-15)

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