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First Drive Video ClarkSpeed Synlube Mikelly

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Well it was just up and down the cul de sac but it felt good. Definately rough. It just gets better the farther I let it wind up. There are alot of things to still do but we are titled, registerred, insured, and legal. Just gotta get the lights working and get some decent valve cover that dont leak.



Thanks All.

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HAven't been to the dyno.

1970 impala 350 10.25:1 CR 300 hp stock

1.94 intake 1.6 exhausts


508 solid cam not a big bump but lots of lope cammed for high end 3000-6500

Eddy air gap intake

Eddy 750 performer carb


I have a crane CD system that will go in as well.


I would estimate 340 -360 hp


Need to get the timing and the dizzy curved right.

I dont have the vacuum advance hooked up right now.


I am hoping for 400-425 crank after some dyno time.


r200 3.90 welded solid




4 wheel discs


NExt round of mods CLUTCH. I am leaning toward Tilton lesser brand. I think it is called SONIC. DOuble disc 7.25


My inital feel is that IT has the power of my old ITS L6 but this is a bone stock motor in comparison.


There is much more rotating and reciprocating mass so the spin up is noticeably slower. The L motor is much more of a zing. But the low end torque of this thing is much appreciated. I am making the power at 3000-4000rpm that the L motor made at 7000 rpm.


The challenge will be to reduce the drag/mass of the rotating assembly. That is the first thing ie Flexplate and racing clutch.

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