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Free 3m 4611 waterproof tape


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There is a wheel you use that looks like hard plastic. You stick it in the end of a regular hand drill and it just peels the stuff right off. A lot of people call it an Eraser Wheel. They come smooth and serrated. I'm not sure what the benefit of either is, I've only used the smooth one.


Wow, that's good to know. Wonder who came up with that thing! And they are on Ebay of course.


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Dale' date=' save me some sheets, next time I see you ( SEZs?) bring them with you.




I'm pretty sure I'm coming down to SEZ-7 on the 10th. Doubt I will run my car, still got that thumping/clunking in the rear end and I sure don't want to break it way down there, LOL. Plus the shoulder still isn't perfect and shifting hard does not really feel too good! But I will bring my video camera and try to get some digital footage of you guys. I'll see if I can get a tripod. It will be strange to shoot video above water. LOL!!

I will bring a bunch of tape with me, getting a few more cases today before they pitch it all.

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