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Factory Manuals - Some.

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I hate to whine... so I am not going to. I already have two different complete 1975 wiring schematics, so it can't be THAT big of a deal, but.......



a LOT of the differences between the 75 and 76 model years were covered in the Body Electrical chapter.. which is sadly unavailable to the fine gentlman that managed to obtain the rest of it for us. Vacuum routing information and other things I know are different (although I havent taken the time to actually look at any of that compared to my 76 manual) but the BE chapter is really the keystone.


I HATE to say this, because I don't want to complain at ALL!!! My reaction is still purely one of


:hail: <---this


and not :cry2::cuss: <---this but I had to let anyone else know that there *is* a wee disappointment in that one missing chapter, AND that they can contact me and I will email them the pdfs. I haven't confirmed it to match my 75 in any particular way, but I trusted the sources from which I got them, AND they match. One appears to be a straight FSM scan, and the other looks like an ALLDATA sheet. The "ALLDATA" is clearer, and the FSM one is kinda grainy, but they agree with each other as deeply as I have examined them.


Xenon, if you would like me to email you these two files to add to the ZIP as an appendix, I'd be more than happy to.. just lemme know and I will email the address in the README file. Off the top of my head, 5, 10 megs maybe?

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Good news! After some long hard work, We now have all S130 Factory Service Manuals available for Download.


You can find them here


The S130 includes the following years








We also have the 1981 Turbo Supplement manual


The next items to be scanned are the Owners manuals. We are still looking for a 1980 owners manual and are still researching if the 10th AE models have their own manual.

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